Jason Statham Netflix Intense Thriller: Why This New Release is His Most Action-Packed Yet

Jason Statham Netflix Intense Thriller : Crank,” a 2006 action thriller starring Jason Statham, is now on Netflix. Viewers can get their adrenaline fix from home. Although the role of hitman Chev Chelios was intended for Johnny Knoxville, Statham’s performance elevates the movie. “Crank” changed the “zero hour” trope by making Statham’s character a burning time bomb.

The movie earned nearly $43 million at the box office despite costing only $12 million to produce. “Crank: High Voltage,” released in 2009, was a successful sequel. On Rotten Tomatoes, “Crank” has a 62% score from reviewers and a 71% score from audiences, which is better.

In the movie, Statham plays Chev Chelios, a hitman for an organized crime group. Carlito, his boss, and Ricky Verona set up Chelios. They injected him with a drug that blocked adrenaline, stopping his heart. Chelios searches for an antidote, keeping his heart active with increasingly perilous actions. This makes the movie feel rushed.

Jason Statham Netflix Intense Thriller

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“Crank” alters the typical “zero hour” plot, where the protagonist races against time to defuse a bomb by making the main character the bomb itself. This movie is often compared to “Speed,” but here, Jason Statham is the bus and the bomb is his heart.The movie is notable for its humor, mainly derived from Chelios’ extreme actions to survive. Though the movie follows action genre rules, it’s often seen as a dark comedy with action.

People and critics say the movie goes too far and isn’t necessary. Some reviews say it’s bad, but even those that do say it’s what makes the movie fun. One review called “Crank” “ridiculous, unbelievable, exhausting, and stupid,” but said that’s what makes it fun.In the movie, Statham did his stunts, including a fight scene in a helicopter 3,000 feet above Los Angeles. This enhanced his image as a brave action star.

“Jackass” star Johnny Knoxville was initially considered for Chelios. Though it’s difficult to envision anyone other than Statham in this crucial role, the fact that an alternative actor was previously contemplated adds further intrigue to the film.Statham’s role in “Crank” is one of his best, leading to later roles in franchises like “The Expendables.” It’s unique, with action and dark humor. “Crank” is action-packed with dark humor, and Statham delivers a strong performance. Despite the movie’s crazy premise and excessive action, it’s a wild ride for those willing to suspend disbelief.