Jenni Hermoso Accuses Federation Head Rubiales : Spain Olympic Hopes Dangle

Jenni Hermoso Accuses Federation Head Rubiales : Jenni Hermoso, who scored the most goals for Spain, has said that Luis Rubiales, the head of the Spanish Football Federation, hit her on the podium at the World Cup final. Hermoso and her World Cup teammates have made it clear that they won’t play until the union’s current leaders, including Rubiales, step down. This strong stand hurts Spain’s chances of succeeding at the upcoming Olympics. More than 50 current and former players signed the letter to show their support.

Rubiales has denied the accusations and won’t step down, which could be bad for the current World Cup winners. Their next game on September 21 against Sweden, which is important for getting into the Olympics, is now in doubt.

In a statement released on Friday, Hermoso directly disagreed with Rubiales’ claim that what they did was okay. She said, “I want to say again that I didn’t like what happened. I felt weak and was attacked. What happened was racist, rude, out of place, and not what I asked for. The statement also said that the union pressured Hermoso to take back what she said, even going so far as to talk to her close friends and family.

The problem is getting worse because Spain might not be able to go to the Paris Olympics next summer. Their next game, which is in the Nations League and is against Sweden, is very important for deciding which European teams will go to the Olympics. The best teams in the Nations League move on, and the finalist teams go to Paris. Since France could make it to the finals of the Nations League, the winner of the third-place game could decide which country from Europe gets the last Olympic spot.

Even though Spain has a lot of ability, it faces a big problem. Last September, when 15 players were unhappy with how coach Jorge Vilda was running the team, Spain could easily replace most of them. But because so many players need to pay attention to the federation, it’s unclear if Spain can put together a team that can compete, especially against strong teams like Sweden.

Jenni Hermoso Accuses Federation Head Rubiales

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The present uproar isn’t the only one. Hermoso said that these things are part of a larger trend of unfairness that women players have had to deal with over the years. She was encouraged to discuss the problem because she had received so much help.

A lot of international stars and sports stars have come together to support Hermoso. Alex Morgan, who is co-captain of the U.S. women’s team, Kosovare Asllani, who is captain of Sweden; Alex Greenwood, who is the captain of England, and Ada Hegerberg, who is the captain of Norway, have all been very harsh on Rubiales. Pau Gasol, a basketball legend from Spain, and Borja Iglesias, a football player for guys, have also spoken out in support. In a surprise move, Iglesias said he will play for Spain when Rubiales leaves.

In response to the rising tension, the federation put out a statement defending Rubiales and proving his innocence by thoroughly analyzing what happened. Also, they have promised to sue Futpro, the Spanish women’s players’ union, because it aired Hermoso’s statement.

In short, the controversy over Luis Rubiales’s claimed attack on Jenni Hermoso has caused a lot of trouble in Spanish football. With key players boycotting, it’s not clear if the country can participate in future events, especially the Olympics. The whole world of football is paying close attention as more and more people call for responsibility and change.