Kate McKinnon SNL Comeback with Billie Eilish: A Purrfect Blend of Comedy and Cats

Kate McKinnon SNL Comeback with Billie Eilish: Kate McKinnon, the comedic powerhouse and former cast member of “Saturday Night Live” (SNL), made a triumphant return to the iconic show over the weekend. Hosting the episode, McKinnon revived her beloved character, cat lady Barbara DeDrew, in a side-splitting “Whiskers R We” sketch, accompanied by musical guest Billie Eilish.

Barbara DeDrew, an eccentric elderly cat enthusiast, specializes in rescuing multiple felines at once. In the sketch, titled the “Holiday Cat-tacular,” McKinnon introduced Eilish, who portrayed Paw-bree Hep-purrn, helping with cat adoptions. The comedic duo presented an array of quirky cats, with McKinnon humorously describing them. One cat, deemed an Abyssinian, was humorously associated with potential couch destruction, earning a playful jab from McKinnon.

The feline lineup included whimsically named cats such as Mrs. Claus, adorned with a festive hat, Maris-cat Hargitay, and Cindy Claw-ford. The sketch was a delightful blend of McKinnon’s signature humor and Eilish’s playful energy, creating memorable moments of laughter for the audience.

Kate McKinnon SNL Comeback with Billie Eilish

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Amidst the comedic chaos, McKinnon couldn’t help but wonder if Eilish might be her long-lost daughter due to their uncanny similarities. The duo exchanged humorous tidbits, claiming their favorite movie was “Tár,” their preferred curse word was “tush,” and their shared admiration for Mariska Hargitay.

The comedic high continued as Eilish, breaking character, introduced a surprise guest – a guinea pig named Lula. With infectious laughter, Eilish jokingly revealed Lula’s supposed British Shorthair lineage and comically exaggerated plastic surgery.

As the sketch reached its peak, Eilish encouraged viewers to consider gifting Santa Claus with cats this holiday season, cheekily suggesting to sneakily fill his bag with these furry companions when he’s not looking. The “Whiskers R We” sketch became a standout moment of McKinnon’s SNL return, showcasing her comedic prowess alongside the musical charm of Billie Eilish.

Our Reader’s Queries

How many times has Billie Eilish been on SNL?

During the show, the two performers had a great time playing off each other and even broke character while showcasing the cute animals to the audience. This is Eilish’s third appearance as a musical guest on SNL in just four years. She first appeared on the sketch comedy show in September 2019, where she performed her Billboard Hot 100 No.

Is Saturday Night Live on NBC tonight?

Tune in to NBC on Saturdays at 11:30/10:30c to catch Saturday Night Live, and catch up on Peacock the next day. Season 49’s cast is largely the same as Season 48, with the addition of featured player Chloe Troast. Stay tuned for the full lineup of hosts to be announced.

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