Legal Battle Over Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom’s Home Purchase Amid Intoxication Claims

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom bought a property, but they’re being sued for intoxication.The contents? A Santa Barbara man claims he sold his home to Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom during the real estate trial. However, he says he made the agreement while on a lot of medication, and something unexpected occurred.

Carl Westcott was furious about the renowned couple purchasing his California mansion in August 2020. Westcott claimed in Los Angeles County Superior Court documents that he was under the influence of heavy pain medication given for his sickness when he made the deal.

The complaint names Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom’s business manager Bernie Gudvi, who was instrumental in the mansion acquisition, as the principal perpetrator.

The Stanley Mosk Courthouse in Los Angeles hosts Westcott’s jury-less trial on August 21. Because the judicial system is attempting to handle the complex case, it’s garnering a lot of attention.

Legal Battle Over Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom's Home Purchase Amid Intoxication Claims
image of Perry and Orlando Bloom

Their attorneys still need to update the case even though Perry, Bloom, and Gudvi are not participating.

Perry and Bloom offered Westcott $15 million for the home he had recently bought in July 2020. It becomes sad here. After a painful six-hour back surgery, Westcott got this thought. His Huntington’s illness made it difficult. After surgery, Westcott had to take heavy medications that changed him.

Westcott reconsidered selling the home a few weeks later. He stated he chose it because he knew that his age, frailty, significant medical condition, and drugs had made it hard to think rationally.

Westcott emailed Berkshire Hathaway Home Services, his trading firm, to terminate the transaction. He wanted to terminate the deal since he changed his mind throughout the arrangement. Perry and Bloom said they wanted to buy the property, despite Westcott’s misgivings.

Westcott was positive he couldn’t sell. He said he was elderly and dying. Perry, Bloom, and Gudvi’s lawyer wrote again, worsening the situation. The letter said that the renowned couple wanted to acquire Westcott’s property and that Westcott had to complete the transfer legally.

Westcott wants to revoke the house-selling agreement during the legal fights. This comprises real estate paperwork, a plea for help, and the possibility of court and lawyer fees.

As the trial approaches, concerns arise about how mental health prescriptions, celebrity real estate transactions, and complicated regulations relate. It’s an intriguing court case that mixes entertainment and law.

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