KCON LA 2023 Rain Controversy :Rain Faces Backlash Amid Ciipher Management Accusations

KCON LA 2023 Rain Controversy : At KCON LA 2023, people showed their dislike for Rain because of accusations that she failed as Ciipher’s manager. With all the enthusiasm during the gathering, this happened. At the Los Angeles K-Pop event, “Rain,” best known for his song “Rainism,” was poorly received. His most popular song was “Rainism”. Digital evidence shows that several audience members were either loud or silent about their dislike of him during his performance.

Jung Ji-hoon, as Rain, was linked to ZEROBASEONE. This likeness was tweeted by @yejigf. Light sticks illuminated ZEROBASEONE’s show, and the crowd seemed attentive. Rain’s writing was sadder and darker than the others’. Someone released a video of Rain singing his latest single, “Domestic,” without sound, calling it unsettling. @kookaesque claims several people sat down, some gave Rain the finger, light sticks dropped, and his songs were not loudly supported.

KCON LA 2023 Rain Controversy
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One photo stood out: a crowd member waving a “We Wanted Ciipher.” banner. The response commended the sign-holder’s message. Another occasion, a dedicated concertgoer begged individuals near the stage to switch off their glow sticks as Rain prepared to play.

The underlying melancholy was unrelated to Rain’s performance. Fans were furious because he unfairly treated Ciipher, a dormant Rain Company labeled band. Keita, Hyunbin, Dohwan, Hwi, Tan, and Won created Ciipher in 2021. The trio hasn’t released new music in two years since their first mini-album, “I Can’t.”

Tan, Tag, Dohwan, and Won quit Ciipher recently, leaving three members. The band’s progress has suffered because it’s tougher to write new tunes. People think Rain didn’t get all the money he invested into Ciipher, his record label’s debut band. In digital media discussions, Rain was blamed for ruining Ciipher’s chances. These presentations showcased the group’s singing, songwriting, and producing skills. People said Rain planned Ciipher’s missed opportunities.

Our Reader’s Queries

What is the controversy with Rain kpop?

Reports suggest that K-pop sensation Rain is facing allegations of real estate fraud, involving a staggering sum of 8.5 billion won (S$8.6 million). Apparently, the artist sold a house in Itaewon, Seoul, which was not as described to the buyer. However, Rain has denied these accusations through his agency.

What did Rain do to Mblaq?

Rain made it known that he was personally involved in creating, training, and mentoring MBLAQ. He also utilized his influence and platform to promote the group during their rookie year.

What does black ocean mean in kpop?

In the world of K-Pop, a black ocean is a powerful symbol of protest. Fans unite in a solemn act of disapproval by turning off their light sticks, leaving the performing group engulfed in darkness. This gesture is a clear message of discontent and a way for fans to express their dissatisfaction.

Why did BTS received a black ocean?

At the 2016 Golden Disk Awards, BTS faced a daunting challenge as they performed in front of a “black ocean” despite their growing popularity. This unfortunate situation was reportedly caused by a fan war between supporters of BTS and EXO, with each side pointing fingers at the other. Despite the difficult circumstances, BTS persevered and delivered a memorable performance.

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