Luxurious Lockhaven Way Home in San Jose: A Stylish 1965 Gem Worth Dollar 3.6M

Luxurious Lockhaven Way Home in San Jose: A large home was recently sold on the popular 1200 block of Lockhaven Way in San Jose. This lovely house, built in 1965 with 2,645 square feet, was recently sold on August 18, 2023, a memorable date. The purchase price was $3,621,000, or $1,369 per square foot, which was significant. It highlights the importance and desirability of this trait.

When you enter this two-story beauty’s front door, you’ll experience unprecedented luxury and comfort. The floor plan maximizes space and function, creating a beautiful and practical environment.

This house has four charming bedrooms, each with a relaxing space. You’ll also find an equal number of well-designed bathrooms for residents’ and guests’ comfort.

This house stands out due to its beautiful fireplace. This stove is the center of attention and provides warmth on cool nights. It adds personality and coziness to living spaces, perfect for parties and memorable moments with loved ones.

This property has a spacious two-car garage for convenience. The inside is nice, too. This safe place is great for storing cars and other belongings. This way, you can ensure everything you love is safe.

Getting this house on Lockhaven Way is not just a real estate deal; it’s also an investment in a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle. It’s a great place to live in San Jose because it’s big, has a classic style, and has thoughtful amenities

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