Mario Iconic Voice Actor Charles Martinet : Retires After 30 Years

Mario Iconic Voice Actor Charles Martinet : Nintendo’s renowned mascot Mario, famed for his charming voice and love of exploration, is receiving a new appearance. Mario’s voice actor, Charles Martinet, will retire after 30 years.

Nintendo announced on X, formerly Twitter, that Charles Martinet, Mario’s voice actress since the 1990s, will become the “Mario Ambassador.” Martinet’s singing has helped Mario since the 1990s. Martinet will freshly engage with Mario lovers worldwide with her new work. This will make Mario fans nostalgic and adore.

Mario’s voice actor Charles Martinet commented, “It is with deep gratitude that we celebrate Charles’ incredible journey as Mario’s voice.” Nintendo wrote on the site, “His contribution has been immeasurable in bringing Mario’s character to life.” The announcement also mentioned a special video message starring Martinet and Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto. Martinet has yet to explain his departure, so fans don’t know who will replace him.

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After “Super Mario 64” hit the Nintendo 64 in 1996, Martinet’s Mario voice became more well-known. This first-of-its-kind game gave players their first experience of an immersive 3D world and allowed Martinet to show off his skills by having a popular character deliver eager phrases. From “mama mia” to “Let’s a-go” and “It’s Me,” Martinet’s voice is synonymous with Mario.

Martinet’s voice has appeared in many Mario games. These games feature Mario and other Mushroom Kingdom characters. These characters include Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi. Martinet played Mario’s father in the 2022 animated “Super Mario Bros. Movie.” This reminded fans of his continuous connection to the game, even if Chris Pratt voiced Mario in the movie.

Nintendo said Martinet would sign autographs, voice Mario characters, and publicly appear as a Mario ambassador. Martinet shared Nintendo’s news, saying he was delighted and grateful to Mario fans for the next journey.

Mario’s cheerful voice will live on in players everywhere, echoing a long-lasting gaming icon. True, even though Martinet is leaving his position.

Our Reader’s Queries

Who did Charles Martinet voice in the Mario movie?

Although Martinet did not lend his voice to Mario in the recent release of “The Super Mario Bros. Movie,” he did make a brief appearance as the father of Mario and Luigi, voiced by Chris Pratt. Despite the change in casting, Martinet’s contribution to the film was still appreciated by fans of the franchise.

Who will be replacing Charles Martinet?

Kevin Afghani, a fresh face in the world of voice acting, has taken over the iconic voice of Mario. While he may be new to the scene, Afghani has already made a name for himself with notable roles in Genshin Impact and Nintendo Switch advertisements. With his unique talent and fresh perspective, fans can expect a new take on the beloved character.

How many Mario games has Charles Martinet voiced?

GamesRadar reports that Martinet has portrayed Mario in over 150 games, including the lesser-known “Mario Teaches Typing.” However, it was his role in the groundbreaking “Super Mario 64” that truly launched his career as the beloved character. This game is widely recognized for its revolutionary impact on 3D gaming.

Did Charles Martinet retire from Mario?

After lending his voice to Mario since Super Mario 64, Charles Martinet is stepping down from the role. However, he’s not leaving the video game company altogether. Nintendo announced that Martinet will now serve as the Mario Ambassador, marking a new chapter in his career.

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