Meghan Markle Suits Lines Influenced by Royal Family : Creator Aaron Korsh Reveals

Meghan Markle Suits Lines Influenced by Royal Family : Aaron Korsh, the creator of “Suits,” revealed that the British royal family influenced Meghan Markle’s character, Rachel Zane, on the show. Korsh told The Hollywood Reporter that the royal family disliked a line where Markle was supposed to say “poppycock,” which could offend them.

They didn’t want to use ‘poppycock’ in her speech,” Korsh said, “to avoid clips of her saying ‘cock’. So, we had to change it to ‘bulls—.'” Korsh found this change “irritating” as he had informed his in-laws about “poppycock” being in the show.

Korsh said he didn’t know how the royal family got the lines, but they looked at them carefully. This news supports Prince Harry’s claims in his book “Spare” that his family’s communications team influenced the writers of “Suits” to alter Meghan Markle’s lines and actions on the show.

“In his memoir, Harry wrote about how his family affected Meghan’s career,” the creator said, highlighting Markle’s challenges. After seven seasons of ‘Suits,’ Meg quit her part. “It was tough for her as she adored the show, her role, the cast and crew, and Canada,” Harry wrote in his book.

Meghan Markle Suits Lines Influenced by Royal Family

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Per TV Line, Gene Klein, a former “Suits” executive producer, said it would be “challenging” to bring Meghan Markle back to the show. He said it was impossible because she was a princess with royal duties. The TV show ended in 2019 and is gaining popularity on streaming services, sparking reunion rumors.

Since dating Prince Harry in 2016, the world has been intrigued by Meghan Markle’s transition from Hollywood star to royal. Markle married Harry in 2018 and left royalty in 2020. Since then, people have speculated about her future job moves, like returning to Hollywood or exploring other options.

Asked Buckingham Palace and Meghan Markle for opinions on Korsh’s statement but received no immediate response. The news adds to Markle’s complicated relationship with the royal family and her Hollywood job. Since marrying into the British royal family, this relationship has been scrutinized.

Markle’s future in Hollywood or as a global charity influencer remains to be determined. What is clear is that uncontrollable forces have shaped her life. These forces have been contradictory and difficult but always interesting.

Our Reader’s Queries

What line did the royal family have removed from Suits?

Korsh reminisced about a specific event where the royal family disapproved of Meghan’s use of the word “poppycock” on screen. The term was deemed inappropriate as it referred to a sensitive topic that hit close to home for Korsh’s in-laws. According to Korsh, the royal family expressed their objection towards Meghan’s choice of words.

Does Meghan Markle receive royalties from Suits?

Surprisingly, Meghan’s exit from ‘Suits’ hasn’t cut off her financial connection with the show. Despite saying goodbye to her on-screen persona, Rachel Zane, Meghan is still earning money from her stint on the series thanks to TV royalties.

Did Meghan Markle get along with the Suits cast?

Throughout her stint on the show, Meghan was refreshingly open about her time on set. She spoke candidly about her close bonds with the cast and crew, and how Suits had a profound impact on her life. Her honesty and authenticity were a breath of fresh air, and endeared her to fans around the world.

What line did they remove from Suits?

During the episode, Mike and Rachel were supposed to have a romantic moment where Rachel would say “My family would say poppycock” as a tribute to Markle’s in-laws. However, the royal family objected to the use of the word “poppycock” and did not want it to be included in the script.

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