Messi Inter Miami Scoreless Draw: A Stalemate in the Playoff Race Against Nashville SC

Messi Inter Miami Scoreless Draw: Lionel Messi and Inter Miami have had many firsts this summer, but their latest encounter against Nashville SC was more low-key. The game was at Nissan Stadium in Nashville. The replay of the high-stakes Leagues Cup final from August 19 ended in a scoreless draw at DRV PNK Stadium on a night of high expectations. The August 19 final was repeated. 

Inter Miami head coach Tata Martino wasn’t angry after the game. “It’s a bump in the road, but we have to keep going,” he added, stressing that the squad was in unfamiliar territory after a streak of triumphs, most recently in unfamiliar York. The crew had to keep going, he said. He added that the club had to continue their ambitions despite being in unfamiliar territory. 

Messi got several free kick opportunities, which helped him score 11 goals in nine MLS games. Messi failed to score despite his best efforts. But the Argentine great couldn’t replicate the wonderful chances that have made his Inter Miami career so fascinating since July. These occurrences have made Inter Miami intriguing since his first game. Times like this have made his Inter Miami career intriguing.

The scoreless draw will affect both teams. Both teams are still fighting for MLS Eastern Conference playoff positions. Each club received one point at the end of the game, although Miami would have had a better chance of making the playoffs with all three. The game ended with one point each team. 

Messi Inter Miami Scoreless Draw

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Now that they face LAFC, the defending league champions who have had time off, Inter Miami’s playoff hopes are slimmer. Inter Miami’s playoff chances will drop following this game. Even more so since they only score two points per game, which lowers their playoff chances.

Recent events have given the match greater weight. Inter Miami and Messi had last triumphed on penalties against Nashville a few weeks previously and were celebrating their Leagues Cup success before this encounter. Coach Martino said the team’s poor performance may have been due to fatigue.

Neither team capitalized on chances to break the stalemate in the tight game. Hany Mukhtar played hard in regulation and extra time, but Messi’s attempt missed the goal in the penultimate minute of normal time. There was no winner after extra time. As the clock approached 90 minutes, the umpires overturned a handball call against Inter Miami’s DeAndre Yedlin. 

It’s a big deal that so many of our players have been called up for national duty,” said Martino, who could miss future games with Messi and seven others. “It’s big that so many of our players have been asked to play for their countries,” remarked Martino. We’re glad so many of our players have been called up to represent their nations. Because others on the team must battle, they must do their best.

Game plot is a miniature representation of Inter Miami’s turbulent path. The vacation is full with possibilities and questions. Messi and Inter Miami must return to their early season form to make the playoffs.


Our Reader’s Queries

What is Messi’s deal with Inter Miami?

Messi has reportedly inked a two-and-a-half season contract with Inter Miami, raking in a whopping $120 million to $150 million in total. This deal makes him the highest paid player in MLS, earning an average of $50 million to $60 million per season. In his 12 games with Inter Miami, Messi has already scored an impressive 11 goals.

Did Nashville SC and Inter Miami CF play out a scoreless draw on Wednesday?

Despite a thrilling back-and-forth match on Wednesday night, the game failed to live up to expectations. Unfortunately, Messi was unable to score for the second time as Inter Miami and Nashville SC battled to a 0-0 draw at DRV PNK Stadium. This was a rematch of their Leagues Cup final from Aug. 19. Moving forward, it’s important to focus on the next game and leave this one behind.

How much did Messi get paid to go to Miami?

According to the MLS Players Association, Lionel Messi’s yearly earnings from his contract with Inter Miami in Major League Soccer amount to a staggering $20.4 million. This impressive figure highlights the immense value that Messi brings to the team and the league as a whole. It’s clear that his talent and skill on the field are highly sought after, and his compensation reflects that. Messi’s presence in the MLS is sure to attract even more attention and fans to the sport in the United States.

How much is Messi salary in Inter Miami?

The MLS Players Association has recently unveiled its latest salary guide for all players in the league as of September 15, 2023. According to the guide, Messi’s annual base salary is $12 million, with a guaranteed annual compensation of $20,446,667, inclusive of guaranteed bonuses. This updated information provides valuable insight into the financial landscape of the MLS and the earning potential of its top players.

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