Metallica Arizona Concert Rescheduled: COVID-19 Impacts Singer James Hetfield, Forces Date Change

Metallica Arizona Concert Rescheduled : After James Hetfield tested positive for COVID-19, Metallica rescheduled their Arizona show from Sunday to Saturday, September 9. The band is on a two-year M72 tour, including the delayed show. The band apologized on Instagram for any inconvenience caused to fans. Tickets for the September 3 show remain valid for the new date.The show was moved because the band had to cut two songs from their set at State Farm Stadium on Friday. It’s unclear if Hetfield’s health affected the shorter set, but fans missed hearing “Master of Puppets,” Metallica’s usual closing song. The Arizona Republic called the song’s absence a “tragedy,” affecting fans accustomed to a 16-song setlist.

After the pandemic, the band was excited to resume live shows. In April, bassist Robert Trujillo talked to USA TODAY about the band’s joy in reuniting to complete their album, “72 Seasons.” Trujillo said the pandemic’s emotional toll intensified the record.For refund info on the rescheduled show, visit The band advised fans to visit Metallica’s website and social media for updates.

Metallica Arizona Concert Rescheduled

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Metallica’s M72 tour is significant. Since the U.S. tour, Glendale has had a “No Repeat Weekend,” where the band plays 16 songs on opening night. The tour name “M72” likely comes from their latest record, “72 Seasons,” completed post-lockdown.The delay comes amid ongoing challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic for the live music industry. Artists and bands often reschedule or cancel shows due to health issues. This makes things harder for an industry already fighting to recover.

In the health environment, the future of live concerts is uncertain, especially for bands like Metallica, who want to reconnect with fans in person. The band’s decision to reschedule instead of canceling shows their concern for fans but also highlights the risks of live events during COVID-19.

Lead singer James Hetfield’s positive COVID-19 test caused Metallica to postpone their M72 tour show in Arizona. The new date is September 9, and all tickets for the first show remain valid. The band had cut their Friday show short, so fans missed their last song, “Master of Puppets.” The band expressed sadness and provided refund instructions if they were unable to attend the rescheduled date. The event highlights ongoing challenges for the live music industry due to the pandemic.