Microsoft Vision for Gaming: Bridging Cloud and Hardware for Next Gen Adventures

Microsoft Vision for Gaming: The FTC vs. Microsoft papers show what Microsoft’s plan is. For gaming adventures, the technique combines cloud gaming with hardware.

Microsoft wants devices and the cloud to work together for games. This platform will improve games and give players more choices.

“Next Gen Gaming at Microsoft,” the secret talk, seems to be from May 2022. This shows how much Microsoft cares about this idea. Looking for cheap handheld bundle games that cost less than $99. Microsoft’s xCloud software would be used to play games on this device.

Microsoft has already put hardware and online services together in the past. It has tried similar ideas, such as streaming landscapes into games like Microsoft Flight Simulator. The papers suggest a way to do things that they call “Cohesive Hybrid Compute.”

The papers explain the technology that this idea will need. Microsoft works with AMD on the Zen 6 CPU and the Navi 5 graphics. For games to improve with super-resolution, latency correction, and frame rate interpolation, they need ML and AI tools like an NPU.

The plan calls for designing the hardware in 2024, developing kits in 2027, and mixing cloud games from 2024 to 2026. Decisions must be made for tech projects like silicon, OS design, team tasks, and hardware.

Studies have shown that Microsoft gives “cloud-first” games the most attention. CEO Satya Nadella, Xbox head Phil Spencer, and other top leaders have discussed this plan. They want to make different computers, such as cloud-based, mixed Xbox, Windows, and HoloLens devices. The goal is to use all the skills and tools of the company.

Microsoft Vision for Gaming

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“Roadmap to 2030” says that the mouse will be essential for Microsoft’s games in the future. “Controller is hero,” and the new Xbox mouse is the best way to play games on any platform. Microsoft’s pledge to cloud gaming depends on “Direct-to-Cloud” controls.

In the papers, things like “Cloud Console (Keystone),” a possible update for the Xbox Series X called “Brooklin,” and the “Direct-to-Cloud”-connected Sebile controller are talked about. As of May 2022, whether the Sebile gadget would be approved must be clarified.

Even though these papers show how Microsoft plans to approach gaming, it’s important to remember that plans can change in the tech business. Microsoft is changing how games are played with cloud-based systems. Games are changing quickly, and Microsoft is in the lead.