Miley Cyrus Reflects on Controversial 2008 Vanity Fair : Cover 15 Years Later, Shares Behind-The-Scenes Insights

Miley Cyrus Reflects on Controversial 2008 Vanity Fair : Miley Cyrus, a pop star and former “Hannah Montana” star, used her TikTok series “Used to be Young” to explain the controversy behind her 2008 Vanity Fair cover. The singer revealed new details about the photoshoot, including how her sister, Noah Cyrus, took the picture. She said, “Everyone knows the photo was controversial, but they don’t know what happened behind the scenes, which is always more important.” A famous photographer, Annie Leibovitz, captured a picture of 15-year-old Cyrus without a top, wrapped in a sheet.

Cyrus, now 30, reflected on the significance of that moment as she transitioned from her Disney role to pursue her singing career. She said the red lipstick was chosen to differentiate from her “Hannah Montana” character. “Pati Dubroff, my makeup artist, thought it would set me apart from Hannah Montana,” she said.The cover caused trouble for Cyrus, her family, and the Disney Channel. Disney Channel stated that a situation was created to manipulate a 15-year-old for magazine sales, as suggested in the article. Cyrus initially called the photos “artsy” but later apologized to her fans in a message to USA TODAY. Vanity Fair defended the photoshoot, citing Cyrus’s family and team present.

Miley Cyrus Reflects on Controversial 2008 Vanity Fair

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In 2008, Cyrus was famous for starring in the Disney Channel show “Hannah Montana.” But the Vanity Fair shot elevated her fame significantly. It was a significant step in Cyrus’s career, as she aimed to establish herself beyond her Disney role.After 15 years, Cyrus has a new perspective. In her TikTok video, she said, “This picture of me is the opposite of the bubble gum pop star I was known for, which was so upsetting. But, in hindsight, those people made very smart choices.”

Cyrus recently revealed the telling role her family played in the controversial shoot. She mentioned her sister Noah and her family being on set, adding interest to the story. This shows family involvement, contrary to initial statements.Despite the trouble it caused, Miley Cyrus’s 2008 Vanity Fair cover remains a memorable moment in pop culture and her career. As she evolves as an artist, her thoughts explore fame, identity, and the transition from teenager to adult in the public eye.

Our Reader’s Queries

How old was Miley Cyrus on Vanity Fair?

At the age of 15, a photo was taken of Cyrus holding a sheet over her chest, revealing her back. The image caused quite a stir, but there’s more to the story than meets the eye. According to Cyrus, the behind-the-scenes details are what truly matter.

Who is Miley Cyrus dad?

Billy Ray Cyrus, a renowned country music artist, has been entertaining audiences for more than thirty years. His chart-topping single “Achy Breaky Heart” became an instant sensation in 1992, shortly after he crossed paths with Tish Cyrus at a club. The couple exchanged vows in December 1993 and went on to raise five children – Brandi, Trace, Miley, Braison, and Noah – together.

Who is Miley Cyrus mom?

Tish Cyrus and her new beau, Dominic Purcel, were in for a surprise when Miley Cyrus showed up on their Hawaiian honeymoon. The unexpected visit was captured in a photo that has since gone viral. Despite the intrusion, the trio seemed to be enjoying each other’s company. It’s not every day that a celebrity crashes a honeymoon, but in this case, it seems to have been a happy accident.

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