Milpitas Unified School District : Innovative Campus Redefines Education for the Future

Milpitas Unified School District : The schools in Santa Clara County are undergoing a significant change. Instead of focusing on theory, they are shifting to a more practical teaching approach.

A crucial project has started at the Milpitas Unified School District’s Innovation Campus. Due to its unique design, this school offers students of all ages the valuable opportunity to learn by doing and develop their businesses. Upon completion, it will house the district’s adult education program, early childhood education, Calaveras Hills High School, and the Milpitas High School extension program. It will also be a vibrant place that supports career advancement in the neighbourhood.

MUSD Superintendent Cheryl Jordan supports this teaching method. It believes the extension program will provide opportunities for high school students at MHS. This idea carries weight as Milpitas High School has over 3,000 students.

In August, an important milestone was reached. During this time, offices were set up, and the adult education program began.

The price tag for this cutting-edge campus is nearing $100 million as it begins its journey. Measure AA, a $284 million bond passed in 2018, funds this significant project. Local companies, like KLA Corporation, donated $750,000. This project has received funding from federal and state governments, including $1.5 million secured by Assemblymember Alex Lee. Cheryl Jordan emphasizes connecting with local foundations to achieve project goals.

Milpitas Unified School District

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The project aims to integrate Milpitas and Milpitas Unified into Silicon Valley and educate children as architects and engineers. “Our learners are ready to shape the future, which is now,” says Cheryl Jordan, emphasizing the significance of this goal. This goal aligns well with the ever-changing Silicon Valley ecosystem.

One exciting aspect of this educational revolution is the partnerships between the Milpitas district and nearby companies. Through these partnerships, students can work with industries and explore potential jobs. We aim to empower kids to choose their careers by providing the necessary information.

Cheryl Jordan said, “We’re always finding new ways for students to learn about careers in school.”

Students have been mentored by various Milpitas groups, including local government members. One of their most memorable educational experiences was meeting campus builders and getting to know the designers, builders, and construction workers.

The campus was designed by Quattrocchi Kwok Architects and is being built by Blach Construction, a reputable company in education. The Folia method accelerates construction by using pre-made parts on-site. Ryan Holman, in charge of the project at Blach, says this approach significantly reduces building time. It would have taken over two years to build using standard methods. This plan ensures a smooth school experience by reducing noise and distractions in the learning space.

By August 2024, the campus will be fully operational. The second part, with new Calaveras Hills High School buildings, is already well underway. An additional $25 million is needed to complete the project. The early childhood education program and job development centre will be built in this phase. This aligns with the university’s goal of being transformative.

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