Moroccan Startup Redefines Home Construction: Affordable, Sustainable, and Earth-Friendly

Moroccan Startup Redefines Home Construction: Eco-dôme Maroc, a Moroccan startup founded in 2016, is pioneering a groundbreaking approach to home construction by utilizing locally sourced soil to build affordable and environmentally sustainable dome-shaped buildings. The founder, Youness Ouazri, drew inspiration from the rich tradition of earthen construction prevalent in Morocco’s history. By incorporating this traditional knowledge into modern technologies, Eco-dôme Maroc has developed a concept that not only aligns with eco-friendly practices but is also cost-effective and rapidly implementable.

The key to the company’s innovative construction lies in the adaptability of each home. Upon receiving an order, Eco-dôme Maroc conducts a soil analysis to determine its suitability for construction. Small amounts of lime or cement can be added for optimal performance, and thermal simulation models are employed to determine the ideal thickness of the dome’s walls. This ensures efficient heat absorption during summer and release during winter, minimizing energy consumption for heating and cooling.

Eco-dôme Maroc’s homes offer several advantages over traditional concrete structures. They are faster to build, with prices ranging from approximately 2,500 to 4,500 Moroccan dirhams per square meter, making them up to one-third cheaper than standard homes. The cost-effectiveness is attributed to the use of local soil, eliminating the need for extensive raw materials and associated logistics.

Moroccan Startup Redefines Home Construction

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The company employs various construction techniques, including the “superadobe” method, which involves stacked polypropylene bags filled with soil, and the use of a wooden frame for rectangular floor plans. Each home is a unique project tailored to the client’s needs and the specificities of the site.

Despite the cultural preference for concrete homes in Morocco, Eco-dôme Maroc has successfully completed over 100 domes across 40 different sites. The company caters to diverse clientele, including landowners seeking ecological construction, investors in rural and eco-tourism, and local authorities for educational and healthcare infrastructure.

Looking ahead, Eco-dôme Maroc aims to expand its innovative construction approach to other countries, with Tunisia and the Ivory Coast identified as initial targets. The startup’s success is attributed not only to its sustainable and cost-effective construction methods but also to its commitment to complying with local construction regulations, ensuring resilience to earthquakes, and fostering a paradigm shift toward environmentally conscious housing solutions.

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