Mother and 2 Children Attacked in Sunset Park: Brooklyn Charged with Murder

Mother and 2 Children Attacked in Sunset Park : The NYPD has charged 47-year-old Brooklyn resident Liyong Ye with murder, illegal weapon possession, attempted murder, and assault. The allegations follow a horrific attack on Zhao Zhao, 43, and her two young children, ages 5 and 3. NYPD spokesperson Det. Ron Montas said Zhao died in the incident, and her children are in bad condition.

Sunset Park residents called 911 about an attack at 2 p.m. Officers from the 72nd Precinct arrived soon. Police stopped him as he tried to leave the building drenched in blood. An apartment’s second floor contained the seriously injured victims and a bloodied hammer, suspected of the attack.

First investigations suggest Ye and Zhao fought before the incident. NYPD Chief of Patrol John Chell said three families—the victims and the attacker—lived in “tight quarters” in a small apartment. The argument’s substance is still unclear. Sources said shared utilities, including Wi-Fi, the kitchen, noise, and rent, constantly caused issues.

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While the inquiry continues, neighbors and leaders have expressed shock and sadness. New York City Council member Alexa Aviles, who represents the 38th District, posted on X to express her condolences and beg for support for the grieving family. At a news conference, Chell said, “I think I can speak for all New Yorkers when I say that our community and prayers are with this family right now.”

More evidence from authorities reveals how difficult living in the unit would be. Ye and his 9-year-old son lived in one room, Zhao and her children in another, and an unknown family in the third. This intimate living condition caused many disputes.

The victims’ family ties made the tragedy worse. Zhao’s husband works out of state and visits his family occasionally. “They are new immigrants coming here with few resources and a lot of financial stress,” state Sen. Iwen Chu said. Chu further said the incident was prompted by a problem between two known families.

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