Navy Destroyer Pirate Flag Homecoming: U.S. Ship Makes Bold Statement at Pearl Harbor Return

Navy Destroyer Pirate Flag Homecoming : The USS Carl M. Levin, a US Navy ship that shoots missiles, gained attention when it parked at Pearl Harbor recently. On its mast was a pirate flag. Damage Controlman 3rd Class Hector Mendoza made the flag. It features images of a phoenix, a Kraken, and a pirate ship. Navy and crew say the flag means the ship is strong and ready to fight. The ship was named after a Michigan senator who cared about the navy. It was deployed on June 24 in Baltimore.

Mendoza says the flag depicts a sea monster breaking a pirate ship and a phoenix rising. Ensign Dudaryk, speaking on behalf of Levin, told that the phoenix symbolizes resilience in difficult times. Mendoza wanted to create a standout flag that showcased the ship’s toughness. “When I talk about my Navy job, sailing on the ocean, I enjoy the traditions and stories,” Mendoza said.

Navy Destroyer Pirate Flag Homecoming

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Mendoza mentioned sailors sending in ideas for battle flags, but none captured the essence. He said the other soldiers’ flag ideas were different from what he expected. I wanted to create a visible war flag.The USS Carl M. Levin was built on June 24 in Baltimore. It’s an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer, a type of ship. It’s named after Carl M. Levin, a deceased Michigan senator. He excelled in the army. The boat displayed its flag for the first time at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam on August 7. Flags have long been used in military history. They send notes, show loyalty, and identify ship members. The USS Carl M. Levin’s flag has a cool design incorporating myths and historical elements, making it meaningful and visually appealing to the crew.