New College of Florida’s Controversial Move: The Decision to Drop Gender Studies Program

New College of Florida to drop gender studies. New College of Florida’s 30-year-old gender studies program was rejected 7-3. College studies may suffer. This decision highlighted the evolution of liberal arts education due to Trustee Christopher Rufo’s proposal to close the school.

New College teaches gender studies separately from anthropology, biology, and sociology, but they are related. The board’s legal counsel, Bill Galvano, said the vote was the first step in reviewing the program’s teachers’ contract with the Board of Governors. He said the voting would begin it.

Gender studies has united global students since 1995. Eight gender studies majors and numerous others enroll in gender-eligible classes annually. This would impact 2024 class instruction.

Rufo and other board members, appointed by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, are pursuing this move. The college aligns with conservative schools like Hillsdale College in Michigan as part of their campaign. Changes include Richard Corcoran’s temporary presidency and discontinuing the institution’s diversity, equity, and inclusion endeavor. Corcoran developed the college’s first sports program to attract students.

Rufo’s decision to cut the gender studies program showed his belief that it clashed with the school’s liberal arts mission. He stressed the need to make tough decisions, such as cutting programs that don’t align with academic goals at elite schools.

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Trustee Amy Reid, who heads the gender studies school, strongly disputed the charges. She added that many US colleges have gender studies programs and that it’s a longstanding part of the liberal arts.

Reid and Student Trustee Grace Keenan questioned Rufo’s motion, changing the topic. They wanted to finish the program quickly to avoid government violations. Reid suggested some people not participate in decision-making.

The conversation showed the instability of academic programs when business priorities change. I worry about Florida higher education without a long-term gender studies agenda at New College.
Reid discussed the major issues with this shift. She emphasized that balance extends beyond gender studies and is integral to education. New College is growing academically. Intellectual currents and a desire for straightness shape it

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Is New College of Florida prestigious?

New College’s academic mission is centered around the needs of our students, and our affordable state tuition has earned us high praise from prestigious publications such as U.S. News & World Report, The Princeton Review, and Forbes. Our commitment to excellence has resulted in New College being recognized as the top public college in the nation for the percentage of our graduates who go on to earn PhDs.

What is the GPA for New College of Florida?

At New College of Florida, the average GPA stands at an impressive 3.87. This score is based on a weighted GPA out of 4.0, which means that students are expected to perform exceptionally well. To be considered for admission, you must be among the top performers in your class, as this score is well above average. With such high standards, New College of Florida is committed to providing a challenging and rewarding academic experience for its students.

Is New College of Florida an honors college?

Join the ranks of free thinkers, risk takers, and trailblazers by applying to New College of Florida, the state’s premier public honors college. Our academic programs are tailored to your unique learning style, career aspirations, and natural curiosity. Best of all, you can apply for free and take the first step towards a brighter future today.

Is New College of Florida private?

Located in Sarasota, Florida, New College of Florida is a public liberal arts college. With a focus on providing a well-rounded education, this institution is dedicated to helping students develop critical thinking skills and a deep understanding of the world around them. As a public college, New College of Florida is committed to providing affordable education to all who seek it, making it an excellent choice for students looking to further their academic pursuits.

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