Parental rights in education :Los Angeles Protests Curriculum Controversy

Parental rights in education : Over 200 people gathered in downtown Los Angeles on Tuesday to advocate for parental rights in education, including the right to know their child’s gender. The marching crowd screamed, “Leave our kids alone!” The demonstrators marched from City Hall to LAUSD offices to draw attention to curriculum and parental participation issues.

Police set up “skirmish lines” to stop parental rights and pro-LGBTQ+ protests outside LAUSD offices. After that, police declared the gathering “illegal” because some parental rights demonstrators tried to “push counter-protesters back.” Three were jailed.

Social media footage showed “Leave Our Kids Alone” protesters chanting and waving signs in support of parental rights as they traveled through a tunnel.

The major goal is to get Chino Valley Unified and other southern California school districts to follow LAUSD. People disliked that this school alerted parents when their kids sensed different genders. This school of thought suggests students shouldn’t discuss sexuality in class without their parents.

Parental rights in education
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San Diego parent Ben Richards, founder of SoCal Parent Advocates, worries about young children being exposed to sensitive information. He stated, “We don’t want people to talk about sex with our kids without our knowledge and behind our backs.” “Don’t talk about sexuality with our kids.”

Parent advocates label school personnel who educate sexuality and LGBTQ+ issues “groomers.” Schools shouldn’t discuss adult subjects with young children, they say. Some LAUSD LGBTQ+ supporters worry that these concepts could harm students’ emotional health.

Counter-protester and LGBTQ+ advocate Soma Snakeoil discussed how the parental rights movement may affect underprivileged students. She stated, “They’re not saving our children; they’re shutting them up.”

When Fox News Digital questioned, an LAUSD spokesman responded. The message underlined that schools need kids to feel accepted, appreciated, and cared for. It also followed state and curriculum norms, which consider children’s experiences.

Not just in California are school parent rights discussed. The Parental Rights in Education Act determines what classes conservative states like Florida can provide. Florida governor Ron DeSantis signed the first “Don’t Say Gay” law. Sexuality and gender identity can only be discussed in kindergarten through 12th grade.

Supporters of both strategies believe it’s crucial to balance getting parents involved and making classroom courses relevant as long as parents’ concerns keep coming up in education discussions.