Post Malone Reveals Dramatic Weight Loss : and Lifestyle Change on Instagram

Post Malone Reveals Dramatic Weight Loss : Post Malone, a famous rapper and singer, surprised fans by revealing on Instagram that he lost significant weight. He went from 240 lbs to 185 lbs, a 20% weight loss. This is mainly because he quit drinking pop. Malone discussed weight loss changes on the “Joe Rogan Experience” podcast. Fans had mixed opinions, but many praised his new slimmer look in the comments.Malone, aka Austin Post, snapped a pic of his slim self in a black outfit in a bathroom mirror. There were many positive comments on the post. You’re thin! The comments were “Sharp af, my man” and “Slim and slaying.” Some friends missed “the old, chunky Malone” in comments like “Omg, what happened to my chunky-lovable Malone?” and “I like chubby Posty better.” Just saying, haha.

Post Malone Reveals Dramatic Weight Loss

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Malone’s weight loss surprised his friends but didn’t occur suddenly. On “The Joe Rogan Experience,” he discussed his path to a healthier lifestyle. Malone lost weight by quitting soda, which he enjoyed but knew was unhealthy. Soda could be better. Malone told Rogan, “It’s bad but good.” He said that after a great show, he still liked to have a Coke “on ice” sometimes.The 28-year-old artist said becoming a father made him rethink his goals. “I guess having a baby changed my perspective and slowed me down in partying,” Malone told Zane Lowe on his Apple Music show.

Malone’s change isn’t just about appearance; it also suggests a shift in his lifestyle, likely due to increased fatherly duties. Fans’ nostalgia for the “old Malone” or appreciation for his positive changes sparks a discussion on the significance of making healthy life changes.Malone’s weight loss is getting attention, but his work is still going well. He remains a major figure in the music industry, with numerous chart-topping hits and accolades. The rapper’s change demonstrates his adaptability and maturity in his personal life and career.