San Jose Legal Scene Expands with Leiann Laiks: at Strategy Law, LLP

San Jose Legal Scene Expands with Leiann Laiks: Leiann Laiks has worked as an attorney for over 20 years. She knows a lot about work rules. Her experience shows she is good at giving advice, following employment laws, making HR policies, writing and negotiating contracts, conducting workplace investigations, and settling disagreements.

Tamara Pow was glad to see Leiann come to Strategy Law because she was the Managing Partner. Leiann’s legal skills are excellent, but what’s even more impressive is how well she can adapt to different cultures. Through her job advice, she has shown that she can help companies cut risks and avoid cases.

Leiann has had a lot to do. Before she joined Strategy Law, she worked for a company that helped people who had been attacked. It helped her get even better at what she was doing. She opened her own law company, which is now part of the legal scene in San Francisco.

Leiann wants businesses and their workers to get along well. She thinks that people who own businesses should put growth first. Her business rests on her being punctual and telling people what they need to know.

Leiann did very well at school. She got her bachelor’s degree from Binghamton University and her JD from the University of San Francisco School of Law.

The senior partner at Strategy Law, Tamara Pow, is glad Leiann has joined the company. Leiann thinks the same way as the business, which lowers client risk.

Strategy Law, LLP is a well-known law company in downtown San Jose that helps with complicated business and real estate law issues. Shoppers from all over the Bay Area and further go there. The firm focuses on Business and Entity formation, Business Transactions, Corporations, Employment, Limited Liability Companies, Limited Partnerships, Mergers and Acquisitions, Problem Loans and Insolvency, Real Estate, Technology Transfer, and E-Commerce.

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