San Jose Man Receives10 Year Prison Sentence: for Child Sexual Assault

San Jose Man Receives10 Year Prison Sentence: Jose Jimenez Gomez, a 52-year-old resident of San Jose, was convicted in Salinas for sexually assaulting a child. He received a 10-year, 4-month state prison sentence, which is lengthy. The jury found the man guilty of two counts of forced penetration with a foreign object on a minor and one count of felony child abuse.

In April 2006, Gomez woke Jane Doe, a child over 14, at their San Jose home. It was a terrible thing. He told Jane to wear a coat and not wake anyone else up. It was a frightening turn of events. Gomez took Jane Doe to Salinas and stopped at an empty business parking lot.

Jane Doe was coerced into a sexual act by Gomez. The DA’s Office for Monterey County said he returned Jane Doe to San Jose and struck her again.

After the incident, Gomez relocated and evaded authorities for a few years. In Jan 2023, he was caught and jailed for his actions.

Under California’s “Three Strikes” rule, Gomez’s two crimes count as two strikes, and he must register as a sexual offender for life.

This term reminds us of the importance of justice for victims and holding criminals accountable.

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