San Jose Real Estate: New Homeowners in the 5100 Block of Howes Lane

San Jose Real Estate: New residents have moved in in the 5100 block of Howes Lane in San Jose. This 2,057 sq ft home was sold on Aug 18, 2023, for $1,640,000. It is valued at $649/sq ft on average, showing its worth and appeal.

This house is excellent. The interior is spacious and well-designed. Six bedrooms and three bathrooms provide ample space for privacy or socializing. A fireplace adds coziness and uniqueness to a home. Perfect for cozy evenings.

This home has a garage for two cars and storage.

Homes sold in the area indicate a strong local real estate market.

A 2,654 sq ft home on Joseph Lane in San Jose sold for $2,030,000 in August 2023 at $765/sq ft. This cozy house has four beds and two bathrooms.

A 1,734 sq ft home in San Jose sold for $1.71 million in May 2023. This new house has four bedrooms and three bathrooms.

A 1,514 sq ft home in San Jose was purchased for $1,725,000 in June 2023. That’s $1,139/sq ft, quite expensive. It was crucial. This adorable house has three bedrooms and two bathrooms, perfect for someone seeking a stylish and cozy home.

Real estate deals offer housing options. A lot is happening in the San Jose real estate market. Each house is unique.

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