San Jose Unused Safe Parking Area: Homeless RV Dwellers Face Regulatory Hurdles

San Jose Unused Safe Parking Area: San Jose leaders are addressing the issue of an unused safe parking area for homeless people living in RVs. But city rules might interfere.

The city created a safe parking area near Santa Teresa VTA station for homeless people in RVs to feel secure. Currently, it can only accommodate 16 RVs. Near Columbus Park, many RVs are on the streets, puzzling people like Jessica Carrillo.

She ponders and replies, “The more RVs they expect, the more RVs arrive here.”

Why don’t more people use the city’s offerings? The answer lies in the strict rules for RVs at the parking site. RVs must be operational, insured, and registered for entry. Jessica believes only some local cars meet these requirements.

She’s disappointed because we all get false advertising about living in a parking spot. But no one will go there. I haven’t seen anyone move these RVs yet.

The city is considering solutions for the problem. Councilmember David Cohen is still determining if the rules originate from the town or a land-use agreement with VTA. But they’ll discuss it at City Hall and attempt to change the practices.

Cohen finds it frustrating that RVs are still on the street despite available sites in the city.

Doug Wynne is searching for a place to park his home. Like many motorhome dwellers, he’s struggling to bring his car up to code. He discusses the fear of catching up on two years’ worth of registration, which he and his friends need help to afford.

Wynne seeks a stable home, but the other side of the fence is an empty canvas of ideas and space

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