Scooter Braun ShakeUp: Artist Departures and New Roles Amid HYBE Acquisition

Scooter Braun ShakeUp : Braun has been circulating false company rumors. The famous music producer works with Justin Bieber, Ye (previously Kanye West), Demi Lovato, and Ariana Grande.

Several famous people reportedly departed Scooter Braun Projects and are looking for new positions. Braun laughed when he learned Bieber, Grande, and Lovato left S.B. Projects. He joked about the matter on Twitter, now X. “In shocking news… I’ve stopped taking care of even myself,” he emailed. In other terms, I’ve quit.” Braun and Bieber have worked together for over ten years, yet Puck News says they don’t talk.

Grande broke up with S.B. Projects, according to Billboard and People. She left Braun and started working for him in 2016, ending her 10-year relationship. An individual knowledgeable about the music industry and its changes refuted these claims. The individual said Scooter Braun’s clients must obey their contracts. As Braun prepares to become HYBE America CEO, conversations lengthen. The reports are untrue. Despite the organizational shift, S.B. Projects will continue to defend Bieber and Grande.

Scooter Braun ShakeUp
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Since leaving S.B. Projects, Lovato has been hunting for a new business partner, according to an unnamed source. Braun-signed artist Lovato wants a new management company. She signed with S.B. in 2019. Therefore, she’s a performer.

In May, Colombian reggaeton musician J Balvn left Braun for Jay-Z’s Roc Nation label. The Hollywood Reporter, NBC News, and Billboard report that Idina Menzel and S.B. Projects split this year. This information originated from public sources.

Braun’s increased responsibilities as head of HYBE America, the U.S. and South Korean music powerhouse that manages BTS, NewJeans, and Seventeen, may have caused these adjustments.

Braun’s Ithaca Holdings acquired HYBE in April 2021 for billions. Braun planned this ahead of time. This financial equilibrium benefited Braun’s consumers and employees. Braun compensated his previous business partners $50 million in cash and equity after founding S.B. Projects in 2007. Famous singers Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber reportedly made $10 million.

S.B. Projects lists several artists they’ve collaborated with on their website. Ariana Grande, Black Eyed Peas, CL, Dan + Shay, Demi Lovato, Idina Menzel, J Balvin, Justin Bieber, The Knocks, Lil Dicky, and Tori Kelly are examples.