SEC Quarterback Landscape in 2023: New Faces Poised to Continue the Legacy

SEC quarterbacks have had 15 outstanding years. Tim Tebow, Cam Newton, Joe Burrow, and Bryce Young—great family tree.

As stalwarts like Young, Stetson Bennett IV, and Hendon Hooker leave, will the SEC’s quarterback heritage still be strong in 2023? Georgia’s Carson Beck, Kentucky’s Devin Leary, and Tennessee’s Joe Milton are poised to break records and steal the show.

Georgia’s Carson Beck is robust and accurate. His long, crisp throws and 6-foot-3, 247-pound physique tear through defenders. under two seasons under Kendal Briles’ fast-paced offense, Beck had a 45-to-9 touchdown-to-interception ratio and a 67.7% pass completion rate. Beck must adopt Dan Enos’ pro-style after Briles left for TCU. Beck must enhance his pre-snap judgments and take a more traditional approach.

LSU changed Max Johnson Daniels’ tale. Daniels scrambled in his debut game against Florida State. Brian Kelly taught Daniels field-reading and arm strength in his first season. Daniels is a rare dual-threat player who can play on the ground and in the air.

North Carolina State star Devin Leary had a rough ride. A chest injury destroyed his 2022 season after 35 touchdowns and 5 interceptions. Leary sees an opportunity to return to his former glory with quarterback-friendly offensive coordinator Liam Coen. Based on his collegiate performance, he is the better QB despite his NFL size.

Joe Milton possesses the most muscular college football arm. Orange Bowl revealed this. Milton solved his historical accuracy issues with superior mechanics and mobility. Milton transformed after going from Michigan to Tennessee and is ready to succeed under Josh Heupel.

Best pocket passer Carson Beck delivers a lovely story. His spring game performance and accuracy as Georgia’s backup proved he might be a star. Starting quarterbacks face challenges including rushing defenses. Beck appears set to command Georgia’s offensive into a symphony.

Spencer Rattler shows how unpredictable things can be. He aces the throne. His worst is wading through the pack. Rattler’s last three games of the previous season, which featured wins against Tennessee and Clemson, demonstrate his innate talent. Rattler might top the all-conference list by finding the elusive stability key.

SEC Quarterback Landscape in 2023 New Faces Poised to Continue the Legacy
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Mississippi State’s Will Rogers gained 10,600 yards under Mike Leach’s “air raid doctrine.” He’s accurate despite his weak arm. With MSU’s offensive scheme change, Rogers can profit on run-pass option plays, downfield throws, and his legs. The alteration could mark a new era or height.

Jackson Dart, a fast runner, fits Lane Kiffin’s chaotic scheme. He’s useful since he runs constantly. Dart’s red zone decision-making faltered in his first year as Ole Miss’ starter. Dart won despite several transfer quarterbacks, preparing him for game day.

JC Milroe, an athletic quarterback, wants to stay Alabama’s starter. Alabama requires controlled possession, resilience, and consistency—qualities that must surpass his time as Bryce Young’s understudy. Milroe’s quick read-option execution shows Nick Saban’s master plan’s potential.

Tyler Weigman’s five-star status and strong performance versus LSU showed promise. Weigman and new offensive coach Bobby Petrino inspire hope. Talented skill-position players support them. Weigman’s arm prowess may be tested and elevated.

Like Michigan State, Payton Thorne’s story changes. Talent dipped after a peak year. Interceptions hinder Thorne’s aerial ability. However, his relentless determination and leadership will transform Auburn’s power.

Conner Cook, known for his tenacity and leg-powered challenges, cannot stretch defenses. After shoulder surgery, Cook’s November surge hinted at a new season. Missouri coach Eliah Drinkwitz praises Cook

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The 2023 Player Statistics reveal some impressive numbers. Topping the list is Carson Beck, with 3941 pass completions. Following closely behind is Jayden Daniels with 3812, and Jaxson Dart with 3364. Brady Cook also made the list with 3317 pass completions. These stats showcase the talent and skill of these quarterbacks, and it will be exciting to see how they continue to perform in the future.

Who is the number one quarterback in the SEC?

Jayden Daniels, the quarterback for LSU, has been named the Associated Press Southeastern Conference offensive player of the year with unanimous support. On the other hand, Nathaniel Watson, the linebacker for Mississippi State, has been awarded the title of defensive player of the year. These two players have showcased exceptional skills and talent in their respective positions, making them stand out from the rest. Their hard work and dedication have paid off, and they have rightfully earned these prestigious titles. Congratulations to both Jayden Daniels and Nathaniel Watson for their outstanding performances this season.

Who is the quarterback of the year for the SEC?

In his debut season at Colorado, Shedeur faced a tough challenge as he was sacked a whopping 52 times. Despite his best efforts, his team finished with a 4-8 record. Shedeur’s father, Deion, served as the head coach during this time. It was a challenging season for the young quarterback, but he remained determined and focused throughout.

Who is the most sacked qb in college football 2023?

It’s worth noting that 16 out of the 32 current starting NFL quarterbacks hail from schools in the ACC and SEC. This impressive number includes former Big 12 player Ryan Tannehill (Titans), who played for Texas A&M before they joined the SEC.

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