SEVENTEEN Leader S COUPS Suffers ACL Injury: PLEDIS Entertainment Announces Surgery and Recovery Plans

SEVENTEEN Leader S COUPS Suffers ACL Injury : On August 17, PLEDIS Entertainment shared on their Weverse account regarding SEVENTEEN leader S.COUPS’s tragic news. The official statement said the artist injured his left knee badly and required surgery.

Something happened while filming a video on August 10. When playing ball, S.COUPS fell hard and damaged his left knee. The doctor was summoned immediately, and an MRI confirmed ACL injury. S.COUPS is receiving medical attention and will have surgery soon.

In their announcement, PLEDIS Entertainment detailed how this injury will affect S.COUPS’s work. The rapper should quit planning and focus on improving. The entertainment organization requests patience from fans during this tough period.

The well-being and future ambitions of SEVENTEEN member S.COUPS are reported.

SEVENTEEN Leader S.COUPS Suffers ACL Injury
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S.COUPS hurt his left knee landing after playing a ball game for a content shoot on August 10. He was sent to the hospital for a full medical checkup, including an MRI. The left knee ACL was ruptured during the test.

The artist is receiving the necessary medical therapy before the surgery, and it will happen as soon as possible, as the experts advised. We will update you on his therapies and when he will improve.

In the foreseeable future, S.COUPS won’t attend many official events. He will focus on surgery and physical therapy to improve his condition. We apologize to his friends if this has upset them.

The artist is eager to attend any group functions. His engagement depends on the scenario since the medical team advises that rehabilitation is the main concern.

We will work to acquire S.COUPS treatment and recover swiftly. We want him back to his pals healthy as soon as possible.

Since the news broke, fans have been sending SEVENTEEN’s boss love and well wishes. Most people think S.COUPS will recover quickly and completely.

Our Reader’s Queries

What was the injury in the SEVENTEEN leader?

The leader’s heartwarming gesture left a lasting impact on the fandom. It was on August 10, 2023, when S. Coups suffered an ACL injury while filming a SEVENTEEN variety show episode. The incident deeply moved fans, who were touched by the leader’s resilience and dedication. Despite the setback, S. Coups continued to inspire his fans with his unwavering spirit and determination.

Which member of SEVENTEEN is injured?

Yoon Jeonghan, a member of the K-pop group SEVENTEEN, recently experienced a left ankle injury that worsened during their tour. After consulting with medical staff, it was determined that surgery was necessary. On December 14, 2023, Jeonghan underwent ankle surgery to address the issue.

What happened to Choi Seung Cheol?

Choi Seung-cheol was quickly taken to the hospital following an injury sustained during filming. The diagnosis revealed a torn ACL as the root of the problem.

What happened to the leader of SEVENTEEN?

Coups suffered a tear to his ACL in his left knee while filming a content shoot. Following the medical staff’s recommendations, he received pre-surgery treatment before undergoing a successful surgery to restore his ACL and anterolateral ligament on Monday, the 21st.

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