Simone Biles Inspiring Presence Energizes Green Bay Packers’ First Preseason Game

Legendary in gymnastics. Simone Biles’ presence at the Green Bay Packers’ first preseason game of the 2023 NFL season has energized the Queen City.

Last Friday, Biles was at Paycor Stadium for the Green Bay Packers-Cincinnati Bengals game, just days after returning to professional gymnastics. The Bengals and Packers played. The game had two teams. Bengals and Packers.

Biles wore Green Bay Packers safety Jonathan Owens’ shirt to emphasize teamwork and friendship.

Owens joined the Packers recently, but he has impressed in the secondary throughout the rigorous training camp. It’s vital to understand that Owens is Biles’ spouse. Everyone knows this.

In Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, they renewed their vows on May 6. In April, they married at the historic Harris County Courthouse. The wedding signified the start of their new life in front of many family and friends, making it a wonderful time for the couple.

Simone Biles Inspiring Presence Energizes Green Bay Packers' First Preseason Game
image: Simone Biles

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Biles and Owens became friends on social media in March 2020. Here begins their friendship. After returning from Mexico, Green Bay Packers wide receiver Terrell Owens stunned everyone by signing a contract. This elevated their bond to the NFL level.

Owens’ career has taken a unique course. In 2018, he graduated from Missouri Western State University, a Division II school, proving he worked hard and didn’t give up. While playing for the Houston Texans in 2022, he had a terrific game, which led Green Bay to invite him to join their club.

Biles is ready to redefine gymnastics, while Owens is creating a name for himself in football. Biles, who has a wonderful attitude and many accomplishments, took over two years off gymnastics. She set fresh 2024 Olympic ambitions when she returned to the sport.

Biles inspires gymnasts of all ages with her talent and drive. In addition to her seven Olympic medals, she has 19 world crowns

Our Reader’s Queries

Who is Simone Biles husband?

Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles recently took to her Instagram Story to share her excitement for her husband Jonathan Owens’ team, the Green Bay Packers. The talented athlete revealed that she was in Dallas to celebrate with Owens and his team ahead of their first playoffs game against the Dallas Cowboys this weekend. Biles’ support for her husband and his team is truly heartwarming and we can’t wait to see them succeed on the field.

Does Simone Biles have kids?

Despite the excitement among her fans, Simone Biles is not expecting a baby. The Olympic champion tied the knot with Packers defensive back Jonathan Owens earlier this year and has been spotted at several of his games recently.

Does Simone Biles make a lot of money?

Simone Biles has made quite a name for herself in the world of gymnastics, but did you know she’s also one of the highest-paid female athletes? In fact, she made Forbes’ list of top earners in 2022, coming in at No. 10. With a range of lucrative deals under her belt, including a Super Bowl commercial, ads for Subway and Powerade, and an activewear collection with Athleta, Biles reportedly earned an impressive $10 million last year. It’s clear that her talent and hard work have paid off in more ways than one.

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