Solano Coalition New City Forever Launches

Solano Coalition New City: The Solano Coalition, a newly formed alliance of concerned citizens and local organizations, has recently launched a groundbreaking initiative known as ‘New City Forever.’ This ambitious project aims to address the growing concerns and objectives surrounding the controversial ‘California Forever’ plan.

As opposition from local leaders and officials mounts, the Solano Coalition is determined to amplify the voices of the community and shed light on the potential negative impact of the proposed development. With concerns ranging from environmental sustainability to the possible disruption of military operations, the launch of ‘New City Forever’ has sparked intense debate and unsuccessful attempts at engagement.

Stay tuned as we delve into the intricacies of this groundbreaking initiative and explore the diverse perspectives fueling this heated discussion.

Key Takeaways

  • Solano County residents and elected officials have formed a coalition against the proposed ‘California Forever’ city.
  • The coalition aims to unite residents in opposing the new city and advocates for building within existing Solano County cities.
  • Preservation of agricultural lands and the county’s landscape are key concerns for the coalition.
  • Local leaders, including the Solano County Farm Bureau and Solano County Board Supervisor, express opposition and prioritize the preservation of farmlands and marshlands.

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Coalition Launch Against “California Forever

Residents and elected officials in Solano County are launching a coalition against the proposed city of ‘California Forever’ backed by Silicon Valley billionaires. The opposition stems from concerns raised by representatives from across Solano County at a recent community event held at the Joseph A. Nelson Community Center. The event provided a platform for residents to engage with elected officials and voice their opinions on the matter.

The ‘Bringing Solano Together’ coalition aims to unite residents in opposing the creation of the new city, which would be situated between Suisun City and Rio Vista. The coalition believes that the project, if approved, could have significant implications for the region.

As the November election approaches, residents will have the opportunity to vote on the proposed city if the ballot initiative receives enough signatures.

Concerns and Objectives of the Coalition

Representatives from across Solano County have joined forces in the ‘Bringing Solano Together’ coalition to voice their concerns and advocate for their objectives regarding the proposed city of ‘California Forever’ and its potential impact on the region.

The coalition’s primary objective is to advocate for building within existing Solano County cities and preserving agricultural lands. They believe that constructing a new city would have detrimental effects on the county’s landscape and agricultural heritage.

The coalition’s concerns and objectives can be summarized as follows:

  • Concerns:
  • Potential impact on the county’s landscape
  • Potential impact on agricultural heritage
  • Objectives:
  • Advocating for building within existing Solano County cities
  • Preserving agricultural lands

Opposition from Local Leaders and Officials

Local leaders and officials are expressing opposition to the proposed city of ‘California Forever’ due to concerns about its potential impact on the region and the lack of detailed information and opportunities for feedback in the proposal.

President William Brazelton of the Solano County Farm Bureau highlighted the agricultural significance of the region, emphasizing the production capacity of local farmers.

Additionally, Solano County Board Supervisor Mitch Mashburn from District 5 shared reservations about the initiative, noting the absence of detailed information and opportunities for public input.

It is worth noting that Solano County voters have historically prioritized the preservation of farmlands and marshlands in expansion decisions, which raises concerns about the proposed city being built entirely on purchased farmland.

Residents and officials alike are worried about the implications of this development.

Local Voices Against “California Forever

Amidst growing concerns about the potential impact of the proposed city of ‘California Forever’, opposition from local leaders and officials has been amplified by Suisun Mayor Pro-tem Princess Washington’s emphasis on adhering to the General Plan and directing growth within existing cities.

Washington’s opposition stems from the fear that the development of ‘California Forever’ would result in the doubling of the county’s size, which goes against the planned and controlled growth outlined in the General Plan. Local voices against ‘California Forever’ highlight several key points:

  • Preservation of existing infrastructure and resources
  • Concerns about strain on public services, such as transportation and utilities, in the event of rapid growth
  • The need to maintain the quality of life for current residents
  • Environmental impact
  • Potential destruction of natural habitats and ecosystems
  • Increased pollution and carbon emissions from increased development and transportation

These concerns reflect the importance of carefully considering the long-term consequences of such a development project.

Concerns about Military Impact and Unsuccessful Engagement

Efforts to engage ‘California Forever’ regarding concerns about its potential military impact and opposition from officials have proven unsuccessful thus far. Representative John Garamendi, a member of the Armed Services Committee, has expressed his opposition to the project, citing worries about the impact on Travis Air Force Base. Garamendi emphasized the base’s importance in terms of job creation and economic impact, raising concerns about potential logistical disruptions if the proposed city is built to the east.

Despite attempts to engage ‘California Forever’ for their response, the coalition has not provided a satisfactory answer. The article highlights the growing opposition to the proposed city, with concerns ranging from its impact on the county’s landscape and agricultural heritage to its potential ramifications on important military installations.

As the debate continues, residents and officials remain actively involved in shaping the future of Solano County amidst these contentious discussions.

Conclusion Of Solano Coalition New City

In conclusion, the Solano Coalition’s launch against ‘California Forever’ has raised significant concerns and objectives regarding the proposed city. Local leaders and officials have expressed opposition, and local voices have joined the conversation against ‘California Forever.’

Moreover, concerns about the potential military impact and unsuccessful engagement have been brought up. It is clear that the coalition’s efforts have sparked a critical dialogue about the future of the region and the potential consequences of the new city.

Our Reader’s Queries

Where will California forever be located?

In the initial phase of the project, the aim is to accommodate approximately 50,000 residents on an 18,600-acre site in Solano County, California. This location is situated between San Francisco and Sacramento, just adjacent to the Travis Air Force Base.

What is California Forever Project?

Founded by Jan Sramek, California Forever is a U.S. corporation that serves as the parent company for Flannery Associates. In August 2023, the corporation unveiled its intentions to construct a new pedestrian-friendly city, with a potential population of up to 400,000 individuals. This city is planned for development in southeastern Solano County, in proximity to the San Francisco Bay Area, California.

Who is behind California forever?

To advance their cause, Jan Sramek, the CEO and founder of California Forever, along with the project’s supporters, is opting for a ballot strategy. Sramek is scheduled to discuss both the project and the proposed ballot initiative on Wednesday. The group aims to gather approximately 13,000 signatures from county voters, a prerequisite for securing a spot on the November ballot.

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