South Bay Traffic Alert: Weekend Closure on Highway 87 for Safety Upgrades

South Bay Traffic Alert: There will be a traffic jam in South Bay, so commuters and businesses are preparing for a tough weekend. Highway 87 northbound lanes in San Jose will be closed for 56 hours, per Caltrans. The ending starts Friday at 9 p.m. People may have to wait or find an alternate route.

The road is closed from Julian St. in San Jose to Hwy 85. Victor Gauthier from Caltrans emphasizes following reroute signs for safe and efficient traffic flow.

Caltrans suggests taking Highway 85 to 101 and switching to northbound 280 for commuting. Delays are necessary for meaningful work during road stops.

The shutdown is part of a $69 million project to improve safety and infrastructure on Highway 87. The work scope is extensive, involving improving ride quality, fixing concrete elements, and extending the sidewalk structure’s lifespan by 20 years. Improvements will be made to guardrails, fences, curb ramps, traffic lights, and drainage systems. Nearly a mile of bike paths will be fixed. People will have more transportation options, and neighborhoods will be connected.

Despite its long-term potential, this project poses challenges for local businesses. Paisano Ristorante Italiano is busy on weekends, like most places. Due to anticipated weekend traffic issues, the restaurant owner, Victor Solis, is preparing for reduced business.

South Bay Traffic Alert

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Due to the government shutdown, Master Shin’s Korean Plate in San Pedro Square will also close. Most diner-goers come from Highway 87. Sangwon Shin from Master Shin’s predicts losses due to halted business. Despite the road closure, they still want to maintain their good food reputation and hope to attract customers.

Although the closure is inconvenient, it is a necessary step to improve services in the area. Remember, this is only the start of the traffic issues in the area. When the southbound side of Highway 87 reopens on October 20, another closure will occur. Highway 87 north lines will be fixed now. This will maintain safe and well-maintained roads in the area for a long time.

Ultimately, the shutdown may impact tourists and local businesses. Still, it is a crucial investment in the South Bay’s transportation system. After the changes, it will be easier for residents and visitors to navigate. This highlights the importance of building projects for safety and health.

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