Stockton Ports Conclude 2023 Season: with Explosive Victory Over San Jose Giants

Stockton Ports Conclude 2023 Season: At Excite Ballpark, the Stockton Ports had a solid season finale. In the first inning, they had 17 hits and scored four runs, setting the tone. The scoring show led to a 13-5 win for the Ports against the San Jose Giants. It was a significant step for the Ports as it ended the series.

Stockton’s first inning started with a big hit. Simpson hit a solo home run to left center to begin the run. It made it 1-0 for the team. With runners on first and second, Naylor hit a home run to center field, scoring 4-0.

The Giants scored in the fourth, making it 4-1. Stockton still needed to be finished. The game was done in the 5th inning when Cox and Simpson hit infield singles to start a comeback. Yeniel Laboy’s sac fly and single sparked a five-run surge, securing a 9-1 lead for the Ports.

Stockton increased their lead further in the sixth inning. With Cox on base and timely hits, the Ports extended their lead to 12–1 with solid offensive contributions.

Myles Naylor was consistently successful. He drove in another run in the eighth, giving Stockton a 13-1 lead. Naylor shined in the last game, going 4-for-5 with 4 RBIs.

Stockton Ports Conclude 2023 Season

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Despite the Giants’ late rally, they couldn’t catch up to the Ports. The ninth inning was tough, but pitcher Charlie Ceryny pulled through.

The game was won by Stockton’s substitute pitcher, Dallas Woolfolk, who pitched three hitless innings with three walks and three strikes. Dylan Cumming of San Jose fell. He gave up four runs on three hits in 2 innings with four strikeouts.

The Ports’ 2023 season they have ended 50-82. Thanks to the Ports fans for their season-long support. Fans following the Ports on social media can expect exciting plans for 2024 and season seats. Everyone at the game is excited for another season.