Substack Unveils AI Tools for Streamlined Podcasting: Transcript and Audiogram Features Explained

Substack Unveils AI Tools for Streamlined Podcasting : Substack announced new AI tools for easier streaming. The main parts include an AI tool for creating texts and audiograms and a user interface. People are more excited and share on social media when they do these things.

You can create a written version of your podcast in just a minute using AI tools. When posting an episode, use this tool on the dashboard. After sharing the audio, you can convert the speech into text. Clicking the “Generate Transcript” button gives you a copy to customize before sharing. This version will appear with the podcast episode in the post by default. However, the user can disable this function if desired.

Substack Unveils AI Tools for Streamlined Podcasting

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Users can select text to create an audiogram. An audiogram is a static movie with text and sound. This is easy to share on social media and a cool way to get people to listen to podcasts.Substack clarified that AI features assist writers and producers, not replace them. We used powerful AI tools, showing we don’t believe AI will replace writers and artists. “We believe it can help improve writers and artists,” the company stated in a blog post.

Substack says they’re improving these tools over time. The company says these tools are still in the early stages and will improve over time. Substack encourages users to try out features, even if they could be better initially. Substack believes features will improve over time.

To use new features, post an episode on your Substack website. Once you upload the audio file and enter editing mode, you can choose to create a transcript. The user selects this choice and waits for about a minute for the transcript to be made. You can choose to show the transcript with the released podcast episode. You can turn it off if you don’t want it.

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