The Breakfast Club at Midtown: Where Breakfast Becomes an Art, One Dish at a Time

The Breakfast Club at Midtown: In the whimsical words of Groucho Marx, he famously quipped about not joining clubs that would accept him. Yet, if Groucho ever stumbled upon the breakfast wonderland that is The Breakfast Club at Midtown San Jose, exceptions might have been made.

The menu, though embracing traditional breakfast fare like pancakes and omelets, ventures into a realm of culinary creativity. Picture Greek salads cozying up to Korean chicken fried rice, and bacon, pecan, and coconut waffles finding their match in vodka-infused sweet spiced pear mimosas from a generously stocked bar.

Veronica Cuebas, a server with infectious enthusiasm, captures the essence: “We’re not just any breakfast diner. We’re vibey. Good music, fun people, and the very best menu. I always tell customers, ‘Take some time with our book.'”

Spiro Tsaboukos, owner and breakfast maestro, traces his culinary roots to his father’s coffee shop in the ’80s. His heart lies in breakfast, and he’s on a mission to redefine it at The Breakfast Club at Midtown.

“We’re doing something unique and different here with as many handmade things as possible,” Tsaboukos shares. Freshly squeezed orange juice, hand-cooked and peeled potatoes, and constant culinary experimentation define their commitment to quality.

“Spiro turns things you don’t think are breakfast-worthy into breakfast foods,” adds Cuebas, hinting at a forthcoming breakfast chow mein—a testament to Tsaboukos’ imaginative approach.

The menu reflects Tsaboukos’ commitment to versatility. The “Sweets” menu is a visual feast, offering everything from classic waffles and pancakes to daring creations like s’mores pancakes and Peach Cobbler variations.

The Breakfast Club at Midtown

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French toast steals the spotlight with raspberry cream cheese filling, while red velvet pancakes and lemon-infused ricotta pancakes showcase Tsaboukos’ culinary finesse.

Indecisive diners find solace in the Midtown Trio—a trio of any three items presented artfully on a massive platter. For Benedict enthusiasts, the Midtown Duo offers a choice of any two Benedicts.

The Breakfast Club’s Mexican-inspired offerings, like huevos rancheros and chorizo omelets, shine on the Ranchero Breakfast menu. Chilaquiles, featuring house-baked tortilla chips sautéed in guajillo chile sauce, tantalize taste buds with a sunny-side-up egg and slow-cooked braised beef.

Tsaboukos, an eternal experimenter, shares his philosophy: “I am always trying to be different. I choose the weirdest things on the menu when I go out to eat. If I like it, I incorporate a little bit of it into one of my dishes.”

As Tsaboukos expands his breakfast empire to Walnut Creek, Lafayette, Morgan Hill, and Castro Valley, he remains dedicated to making The Breakfast Club a vibrant hub—a place where stress may linger but boredom never does.

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