Toronto Blue Jays Wild Card Chase: Alek Manoah Absence and Team Performance

Toronto Blue Jays Wild Card Chase : The Toronto Blue Jays lost 5-2 to the Cleveland Guardians, hurting their wild-card chances. This was their third loss after a good start against the Orioles. Besides the team’s concerns, pitcher Alek Manoah’s absence from triple-A Buffalo raises questions about his return and well-being.

The Blue Jays began a 15-game winning streak against winless teams to improve their position in the standings. Their recent play shows they still have a long way to go. There were five home runs in the game, with three made by the Guardians. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. of the Blue Jays ended a three-week dry spell with a home run.

Chris Bassitt’s performance highlighted the Blue Jays’ struggles, as he allowed four runs and seven hits in under six innings. Jordan Hicks allowed a home run, his second in the past four games. They couldn’t regain momentum despite Springer’s early home run, giving the Jays a 1-0 lead.

Amidst field problems, the team’s GM, Ross Atkins, hinted at greater issues in a media talk. Alek Manoah was the focus. Manoah hasn’t thrown since triple-A Buffalo two weeks ago. Atkins said Manoah’s choice to be examined was a “mutual decision,” but he didn’t clarify the delay. The time between Manoah’s demotion reveal and reporting was odd, but Atkins said MLB approved the delay.

Toronto Blue Jays Wild Card Chase
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Manoah’s pitching journey this season has been tough. He began in the Florida Complex League after being demoted. Some felt his quick return to the Jays was too soon. His final game was in Cleveland on August 10. Atkins believed Manoah could handle the issues, noting his decline from Cy Young contender to a tough stretch. Atkins acknowledged the mental challenges for players.

Although Manoah will soon be demoted to the minors, it remains in doubt when he’ll return to the Blue Jays. The team and fans await more info, hoping Manoah’s success earns him a spot.

Recent events overshadow the Blue Jays’ season, with unanswered questions about Manoah’s disappearance and inconsistent play. Atkins says Jays hope Manoah returns as No. 6 starter soon. Will this wish be fulfilled? Time will tell.