Trey Lance Traded to Cowboys: Surprising Shift in Dallas Quarterback Strategy

Trey Lance Traded to Cowboys : The 49ers traded Trey Lance, the 2021 third-overall pick, to the Cowboys. This was a surprising turn. Many were surprised by this trade, especially since the Cowboys already have a good quarterback in Dak Prescott. Jerry Jones, the Cowboys owner, said the move was made to give the team a choice in developing the quarterback position.

The Cowboys traded for Lance with a fourth-round pick.Lance used to play QB for the 49ers but was recently moved to third-string behind Sam Darnold.
His NFL experience has been tough. He broke his ankle in Week 2 of last season, ending his season. Since 2018, Lance has attempted only 420 passes at North Dakota State.

Jerry Jones said the team was confident in Lance due to his size, quickness, speed, and arm strength. He also said, “We felt good about what we’ve seen, tape he’s had in the NFL.”Prescott discussed the deal after the Cowboys’ game in Las Vegas. He said, “Like I said, he thought it made this team better. I’m ready to greet him.

Trey Lance Traded to Cowboys

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Lance played in only eight games with the 49ers. He started in 4 of those games. His stats include a 54.9% completion rate, 797 yards, five scores, and three picks. He has also rushed for 235 yards and a score.

Lance’s rookie deal is fully guaranteed with a fifth-year option. He’s starting his third NFL season. The trade suggests the Cowboys see potential in Lance and want to develop him for their future quarterback position. The Cowboys’ EVP Stephen Jones said the team had been interested in player development. But they couldn’t do that because they didn’t want to overinvest for their projected draft spot. He believes getting Lance was smart due to his high regard during the draft season.

Ultimately, acquiring Trey Lance is a wise investment by the Dallas Cowboys for their quarterback group’s future. Despite their confidence in Dak Prescott, trading for Lance suggests the team wants a promising backup who could have a larger role in the future with proper training

Our Reader’s Queries

What did Cowboys trade for Trey Lance?

The 49ers have announced that Sam Darnold will serve as the main backup to Brock Purdy, their second-year quarterback. As a result, they have traded Lance to the Cowboys in exchange for a fourth-round pick.

What team is Trey Lance in now?

The Dallas Cowboys have bolstered their quarterback room ahead of their final 2023 preseason game by acquiring Trey Lance from the San Francisco 49ers. The talented signal caller, who was the third overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, was secured by the Cowboys in exchange for a 2024 fourth round pick. This move is expected to add depth and potential to the team’s quarterback lineup.

What team did Trey Lance get traded to?

In a surprising move, the San Francisco 49ers have traded quarterback Trey Lance to the Dallas Cowboys for a fourth-round pick. This comes as a shock, considering the 49ers had invested heavily in Lance just three years ago, trading three first-round picks to draft him third overall. Nonetheless, the Cowboys are now the proud owners of this promising young quarterback, and only time will tell how this trade will play out for both teams.

Who did the Dallas Cowboys get in a trade?

The NFL community was taken aback when the Dallas Cowboys made a bold move by acquiring Trey Lance, despite having Dak Prescott as their established starting quarterback.

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