True Heir of Iron Man : Exploring MCU Armor Wars and Legacy

True Heir of Iron Man : Secret Invasion has shown that James “Rhodey” Rhodes is the most likely Iron Man in the ever-changing MCU. This prepares for Armor Wars. Rhodey has been important since the 2008 Iron Man film. He saved Tony Stark from the Ten Rings and discovered his superhuman identity immediately. Rhodey is the genuine Iron Man heir, even though the MCU has suggested Spider-Man and Ironheart.

The controversial Secret Invasion revealed that Rhodey had been replaced with a Skrull imposter after his back injury in Captain America: Civil War. This terrifying fact reveals that Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame’s War Machine was a double from another planet, not Rhodey. Sad thought: Rhodey may not have been with Tony Stark when he died.

This trick has dire implications. Bad people had the formidable War Machine armor for a long time. I think about Tony Stark’s early existence when Ten Rings imprisoned him and saw his innovations exploited. Close his company’s weapons section and destroy the weaponry the Ten Rings bought—Stark’s life transformed.

True Heir of Iron Man
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Rhodey’s next Armor Wars expedition has many similarities. Rhodey, like Stark, must overcome alien captivity and protect deadly weapons like his War Machine suit. Rhodey has a terrible ailment like Stark’s Arc Reactor-caused cardiac issue. Rhodey can only move in armor due to Civil War spinal injuries. His image was shattered when his Skrull doppelganger provoked a conflict, forcing him to apologize.

Phases 3 and 4 of the MCU established Spider-Man and Ironheart as Iron Man’s heirs. A talented inventor, Spider-Man was Iron Man’s helper, but Stark had other plans. He wanted Peter Parker to avoid his mistakes. Ironheart is less connected to Stark. Her Iron Man-inspired costume would be the main tie, even if Stark paid for her college.

Rhodey’s bond with Stark is unrivaled. Rhodey became War Machine and they became a superpowered team after being pals for years. Rhodey briefly assumed the Iron Man identity by reading Marvel books when Stark had personal issues. This heritage, established at the end of Iron Man (2008), makes Rhodey a suitable Tony Stark replacement. War Machine becomes the perfect Iron Man substitute in Armor Wars as their lives become more intertwined.