Wattis Institute at California College of the Arts Introduces New Director

Wattis Institute at California College: The recent appointment of Daisy Nam as the Director of Wattis Institute at the California College of the Arts heralds a new chapter for this esteemed institution. With a background steeped in contemporary art and a vision focused on artistic innovation, Nam’s leadership promises to usher in exciting developments in the vibrant art scene of San Francisco.

As the Wattis Institute embarks on a period of expansion and transformation, one can’t help but wonder about the fresh perspectives and initiatives Nam will bring to this renowned platform for artistic expression.

Appointment of Daisy Nam as Director of Wattis Institute

Daisy Nam’s recent appointment as the Director of the Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts marks a significant milestone in the institution’s leadership transition. Nam brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her new role, having previously served as the deputy director and chief curator at the institute. Her background in contemporary art curation and her commitment to fostering dialogue and innovation in the arts make her a fitting choice to lead the Wattis Institute into its next chapter.

As the successor to Anthony Huberman, Nam steps into the directorship with a clear vision for the future of the institute. Her leadership is expected to build upon the legacy established by Huberman, who is credited with shaping the institute into a renowned hub for contemporary arts discourse. Nam’s appointment has generated excitement and anticipation within the arts community, with many looking forward to the fresh perspectives and initiatives she is poised to bring to the Wattis Institute.

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Background and Transition

During the period of transition at the Wattis Institute, significant organizational adjustments and strategic developments took place under the guidance of interim director Jeanne Gerrity. Following Anthony Huberman’s departure to assume the role of executive director at the John Giorno Foundation in New York, Gerrity stepped in to lead the national job search for a new director. This transitional phase was marked by a focus on maintaining the institute’s momentum and ensuring a smooth handover to the incoming leadership.

Under Gerrity’s stewardship, the Wattis team navigated challenges and opportunities, working to uphold the institute’s commitment to artistic excellence and community engagement. Gerrity’s leadership during this period of change was instrumental in laying the groundwork for a successful transition. Her strategic direction and collaborative approach fostered a sense of continuity and stability, providing a solid foundation for the next phase in Wattis’ evolution.

As the institute prepared to welcome a new director, the groundwork laid during this transition period set the stage for a seamless integration of fresh perspectives and innovative ideas into Wattis’ ongoing mission.

Exciting Times for CCA and Expansion Project

With the recent appointment of a new director at the Wattis Institute, California College of the Arts enters an exciting phase marked by significant developments, including the school’s ambitious $123 million expansion project led by Studio Gang. This venture will see the addition of 90,000 square feet to the campus in San Francisco’s design district, providing a new home for the Wattis exhibition galleries. The expansion project aims to not only enhance the physical infrastructure of the campus but also to create a vibrant and innovative space for artistic exploration and collaboration.

The $123 million expansion project, spearheaded by Studio Gang, will add 90,000 square feet to the campus in San Francisco’s design district.

The new space will provide a modern and dynamic setting for the Wattis exhibition galleries, offering a platform for showcasing cutting-edge contemporary art.

This development signifies a commitment to fostering creativity and pushing boundaries within the artistic community at California College of the Arts.

New Leadership and Artistic Innovation in San Francisco

In the vibrant landscape of San Francisco’s artistic community, the infusion of new leadership at California College of the Arts under President David Howse heralds a wave of artistic innovation and creative potential. President David Howse’s strategic vision and commitment to fostering a dynamic environment for artistic exploration are poised to invigorate the cultural scene in San Francisco. The appointment of a leader with a background rich in supporting contemporary art, as evidenced by Nam’s move from Ballroom Marfa, reflects a deliberate choice to elevate the institution’s profile and impact within the city.

With President Howse at the helm, California College of the Arts stands at the precipice of a new era marked by collaboration, experimentation, and boundary-pushing creativity. As the broader arts community in San Francisco looks to institutions like CCA for leadership and inspiration, the stage is set for a renaissance of artistic expression and innovation. The convergence of visionary leadership and a fertile cultural landscape bodes well for the future of artistic endeavors in the city.

Nam’s Expertise and Future Plans

Nam’s profound grasp of contemporary art and unwavering dedication to artistic innovation position her as a formidable asset to the Wattis Institute’s mission, as acknowledged by CCA President David Howse. Nam’s notable projects, such as the group exhibition ‘Tongues of Fire’ and her work at Ballroom Marfa, showcase her expertise. She envisions exploring diasporic culture and America’s visa process in an upcoming show while emphasizing the exciting possibilities in defining contemporary art spaces.

  • Nam brings a deep understanding of contemporary art and a commitment to artistic innovation.
  • Her past projects, including ‘Tongues of Fire’ and work at Ballroom Marfa, demonstrate her expertise.
  • Future plans involve exploring diasporic culture, the American visa process, and redefining contemporary art spaces.

Nam’s unique perspective and ambitious plans promise to invigorate the Wattis Institute’s programming, offering new insights and pushing boundaries within the contemporary art scene. Her focus on diasporic narratives and the intersection of art and societal structures heralds a dynamic and thought-provoking era for the institute.

California College of the Arts

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News In Brief

Wattis Institute at California College of the Arts Welcomes Daisy Nam as Director. The California College of the Arts’ Wattis Institute ushers in a new era with Daisy Nam as its director. Nam, known for her deep understanding of contemporary art, takes the helm, promising innovative initiatives. Following Anthony Huberman, Nam’s leadership coincides with CCA’s $123 million expansion, adding 90,000 sq ft and a new home for Wattis galleries. President David Howse and Nam’s synergy signals a vibrant cultural shift in San Francisco’s arts community. Nam’s expertise, showcased in projects like ‘Tongues of Fire’ at Ballroom Marfa, foreshadows dynamic plans, including exploring diasporic culture and America’s visa process. A renaissance of artistic expression awaits Wattis under Nam’s visionary direction.

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