Zoom Terms of Service Update Sparks Concerns: Users Question AI Access to Data

Zoom Terms of Service Update: Zoom fans are still figuring out what to do after a rough week. Zoom supported work-from-home during the flu pandemic, which worries people. Zoom claimed it would motivate workers to return. Recent TOS violations garnered attention.

StackDiary’s post regarding Zoom’s terms of service change started this. The modification suggested AI systems may access user data without privacy concerns.

According to Zoom TOS 10.4, Zoom can use Customer Content for new products and services, marketing, data analytics, quality assurance, machine learning, artificial intelligence, training, testing, and upgrading goods and services. This license is free and available worldwide.

“Machine learning,” “artificial intelligence,” “training,” and “testing” make all social media users uneasy. Zoom users complained and threatened to cancel.

Zoom promptly posted a reassuring blog. The company says it doesn’t train AI models on audio, video, or chat content without client consent. Zoom demonstrated its AI training with the Zoom IQ Meeting Summary and Team Chat Compose capabilities. Tools are free for subscribers.

Zoom Terms of Service Update
Image: Zoom update artificial intelligence

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Zoom executives say consumers improve the product with generative AI and trade data. Here, audio, video, and chat are misused.

Washington, DC-based International Association of Privacy Professionals Managing Director Cobun Zweifel-Brown lives. During the unrest, Keegan discussed TOS and AI. He stated the firms want terrifying documentation.

AI disputes generally include transparency and user agreement. Public data for AI training raises crucial problems. Should clients know their algorithms will be trained on their data before approval?

Zweifel-Keegan said account holders had to choose worsened the situation. Business should teach AI ethics. Customers can opt out of sharing data with AI algorithm businesses.

AI must be more assertive and precise as more people use it—today’s digital world values data protection and use. Companies must notify customers of service changes as AI becomes increasingly popular. Future user rights and new ideas must be balanced.

Our Reader’s Queries

Did Zoom change their terms of service?

Zoom has recently revised its terms of service (TOS) to eliminate any mention of utilizing data gathered from its communication app to train AI models. This move comes after receiving negative feedback from users and privacy advocates. The updated TOS aims to address concerns regarding data privacy and security, ensuring that Zoom remains a trusted platform for its users.

What are the Zoom privacy policy changes for 2023?

Zoom found itself in a sticky situation in March 2023 when it updated its terms of service, causing privacy concerns. The issue revolved around the new features of Zoom IQ, an AI-powered product. The updated terms gave Zoom the right to use users’ audio, video, and chat data to enhance its Artificial Programme. This caused quite a stir among users who were worried about their privacy.

What is the Zoom update controversy?

Zoom’s initial ToS update faced several privacy-related issues. The broad purpose for collecting customer content data was a major concern. The previous ToS allowed the use of customer content for machine learning or AI purposes, which raised eyebrows.

How do I opt out of AI on Zoom?

To enable or disable the AI Companion feature on Zoom, log in to the web portal as an admin with editing privileges. Navigate to Account Management and select Account Settings. From there, click on the AI Companion tab and toggle the AI Companion Questions option under Meeting to enable or disable it. It’s that simple!

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