Ethan Hawke Flirts with Rihanna: Maya Hawke Expresses Family Pride

Ethan Hawke Flirts with Rihanna : In an interview, Ethan Hawke and his daughter Maya Hawke discussed their family, the new movie “Wildcat,” and a funny story with Rihanna. Maya called her dad’s attempt to flirt with a pop star at the 2015 NBA All-Star Game “family pride.”

Hawke and Maya collaborate on “Wildcat,” a biographical thriller about Flannery O’Connor. Maya, an executive producer on the project, was concerned about working with her famous father. But, she emphasized that their collaboration extends their friendship as directors. “My dad taught me a lot, and we want to work together. “It’s good to be with you,” she said. Hawke said he’s a “nepo dad” but not ashamed. It’s okay to criticize us for working together. “You must let people express their thoughts,” he told Variety.

Ethan Hawke Flirts with Rihanna

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When they discussed meeting Rihanna, the chat became more lighthearted. Hawke took his son Levon to the 2015 NBA All-Star Game, sitting next to the singer. Later, he swapped with his son to talk to Rihanna. The event became a funny family story Hawke shared as an Instagram joke in 2019. “Yes, my son and I remember this night,” he wrote. His version is slightly different than mine. Maya prefers Rihanna over Lady Gaga for concerts. She chose the singer based on her father’s conversation. She said it was a “quick response” for her. During the convo, Hawke said, “I’ve been caught flirting with Rihanna by the paparazzi.” Maya corrected him, saying he was openly flirting with Rihanna.”That’s a family shame, so you’re getting to me,” Hawke joked.

The talk showed how the father and daughter handled the challenges of being a family and working in public. Maya’s dual role as star and executive producer on “Wildcat” adds to the nepotism conversation in Hollywood. The talk covered various topics, from work collaborations to family stories. This revealed the complexity of Hawke and Maya’s relationship. It showed Hawke as a famous actor and a proud father, willing to share the spotlight and some embarrassment with his daughter.