Former San Jose Police Auditor: Abrupt Resignation Amidst Controversy

Former San Jose Police Auditor: Shivaun Nurre was an independent police auditor for San Jose from late 2018 to June of this year. She quit her job due to a confusing situation. An incident at the San Jose Greek Festival in early June led her to quit her job. Nurre admitted to drinking at the event, resulting in a heated altercation with a police officer.

Everyone remembered what happened. Due to Nurre’s actions in the meeting, her behavior was promptly reported at work. The government will review the report. Nurre had few options if asked about her activities.

When city leaders learned of the investigation, they offered Nurre a deal that significantly impacted the outcome. They suggested she step down before a critical San Jose City Council meeting on June 7, where her deeds would be discussed privately. Nurre left so that the investigation couldn’t happen.

Nurre recalls the difficulty and stress of being a lone police officer. She admitted making a mistake at the San Jose Greek Festival and losing objectivity with the cops.

Nurre didn’t discuss her altercation with the police officer despite the severity of the situation. She chose not to speak further. But it was confirmed by someone in the know.

After the hasty meeting, City Attorney Nora Frimann informed the San Jose City Council that Nurre had chosen to resign. She requested paid time off from the council, and they granted it. Frimann and other city leaders didn’t disclose the fight details that caused Nurre to resign as police auditor.

Mayor Mahan emphasized the city’s commitment to promoting positive behavior among its residents. He said most city workers meet the standards, but sometimes someone needs to catch up and face consequences.

Nurre didn’t think her behavior would lead to firing, but she planned to retire soon to be with family. Something happened that made her quit her job immediately.

Shivaun Nurre’s story highlights the challenge of ensuring police officers’ accountability and performance.

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