Joe Jonas Sophie Turner Divorce: Couple Ends 4-Year Marriage Due to ‘Irretrievably Broken’ Relationship

Joe Jonas Sophie Turner Divorce : Joe Jonas, 34, of Jonas Brothers, filed for divorce from Sophie Turner, 27, of “Game of Thrones.” This ends their 4-year marriage. papers filed in Miami-Dade County court on Tuesday. They say the marriage is “irretrievably broken.” Jonas seeks “shared parental responsibilities” for their two girls and enforcement of their April 2019 prenuptial agreement. The couple’s girls live with Jonas in various US locations.

Jonas and Turner wed in Vegas in May 2019, post-Billboard Music Awards. An Elvis impersonator led the service. In July, they had a pricier wedding in France. Family, friends, and famous people were present. Jonas is currently on tour with the Jonas Brothers. They have over 90 shows in 20 countries. Turner recently filmed scenes in England for the new British TV show “Joan.” The divorce petition emphasizes that the best thing for the couple’s children is for both parents to care for them. It suggests creating a parenting plan with a timesharing schedule for regular contact with the child. Willa, three years old, and their second girl, born in July 2022 without a name, live with Jonas.

Joe Jonas Sophie Turner Divorce

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Turner told ELLE in 2020 that they met after industry insiders predicted they would “click.” Jonas DM’d her while on tour in the UK, and they met for drinks, leading to a long and meaningful conversation. It’s not made up. It wasn’t just small talk; it was simple. “Couldn’t be apart,” Turner said. The couple was called “Jophie” due to their down-to-earth and fun nature. Turner was always present at the Jonas Brothers’ performances. Joe Jonas sang “Hesitate” to his then-wife at the boy band’s Broadway stint in May. Where are you, Soph? During the show, he said, “Not much to say, but I love you.”

Turner has praised Priyanka Chopra-Jonas and Danielle Jonas, her sisters-in-law. She told ELLE, “It’s nice to have built-in girlfriends who are cool and with whom I can hang out and talk about how crazy the boys’ lives are.” There are many ways we can connect. Turner shared photos of herself at the Jonas Brothers’ sold-out shows at Yankee Stadium. In one photo, she walks backstage with Joe Jonas. A highly-watched Hollywood couple’s marriage, which received significant public and media attention, has ended. Turner will be busy acting while Jonas continues traveling. Fans and industry wonder what the future holds for them now that they’re no longer together.

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Are Sophie and Priyanka friends?

Sophie Turner and Priyanka Chopra, who were once close friends and former sisters-in-law, have surprised everyone by unfollowing each other on Instagram. This unexpected move has left many wondering what could have caused the rift between the two. Despite their past bond, it seems that something has changed in their relationship. The reason behind this sudden shift remains unknown, but it’s clear that their friendship has taken a hit. Fans are left to speculate about what could have gone wrong between the two stars.

Where can I watch divorcing Jonas?

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How tall are the jonas brothers?

Kevin, the tallest JoBro, stands at an impressive 5-foot-9. Joe follows closely behind at 5-foot-7, while Nick takes the title of “short king” with his height of 5-foot-6.

Who are the Jonas Brothers married to?

In 2009, Kevin was the first to wed his wife, Danielle. His younger brothers, Nick and Joe, followed suit with their own nuptials. Nick tied the knot with Priyanka Chopra in 2018, while Joe said “I do” to Turner in a Las Vegas ceremony in May 2019.

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