Kim Zolciak Faces Second Divorce Filing : and Financial Woes Amid Instagram Scar Revelation

Kim Zolciak Faces Second Divorce Filing : Kim Zolciak, famous for “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” is making headlines as her ex-husband, Kroy Biermann, files for divorce again. The news comes as the couple faces money problems and Zolciak shares her neck scar story with her 3.4 million Instagram followers.

In found papers, Biermann said his 12-year marriage to Zolciak was “irretrievably broken.” The paperwork was sent to a Georgia court on August 24, a month after the couple dropped their initial divorce case filed in May. In the divorce papers, Biermann requested the home and child support. They have four kids together, and Biermann also took in Zolciak’s two grown girls.

Besides the divorce, they’re also struggling financially. According to reports, Biermann and Zolciak owe the IRS over $1 million in unpaid taxes from 2013, 2017, and 2018. Earlier this year, their expensive Georgia home was in foreclosure and set to be sold at auction due to an unpaid $1.65 million loan from 2012. The foreclosure sale was later canceled.

Kim Zolciak Faces Second Divorce Filing

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During an Instagram Q&A, Zolciak was asked about a neck scar. “I got my herniated discs fixed with screws and plates,” she told her daughter Brielle while they waited for a delayed flight. She posted a scar picture earlier and wrote, “Scar looks amazing.”

Kroy is 11, Kash is 10, and Kaia and Kane, twins, are both 9. Zolciak’s daughters, Brielle and Ariana, were also taken in by Biermann. With the new paperwork, custody and child support still need to be clarified. The papers also state that Biermann is entitled to attorney fees and litigation expenses.

Zolciak discusses her life on social media, with ongoing focus on her and her ex-husband’s issues. The ex-reality stars are facing a tough period, whether due to divorce or ongoing financial issues.

Fans may have been curious about Zolciak’s scar, but her breakup and financial issues are currently more captivating. What’s next for Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann as they face public and private issues? Zolciak and Biermann haven’t commented publicly on their divorce or finances.

Our Reader’s Queries

How much does Brielle Biermann make?

According to reports, Brielle reportedly earned a whopping $10,000 per episode, resulting in a total salary of over $100,000 per season. Along with her mother Kim and younger sister Ariana Biermann, Brielle also ventured into the beauty industry by launching their own makeup line, KAB Cosmetics, in 2020. The line offers a wide range of makeup products, with prices ranging from $12 to $52.

How many kids do Kim and Kroy have?

Kim and Kroy have six children, four of whom are minors and reside in the McMansion of Sorrows. The children have been exposed to their parents’ frequent arguments, multiple police visits, and two divorce filings in a single summer.

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