San Jose Real Estate Snapshot: Charming Rucker Drive Property Sets the Benchmark

San Jose Real Estate Snapshot: On Aug 16, 2023, a major real estate deal happened in San Jose’s 5200 block of Rucker Dr. The property, built in 1969 with a charming style, sold for $1,960,000. That’s $1,313/sq ft. This deal highlights the bustling real estate market and the house’s uniqueness.

This 1,493-square-foot home is cozy and classic, with only one floor. It has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, making it convenient for residents. The roof is made of wood shakes or tiles, adding classic beauty to the house’s exterior.

Upon entering, you’ll find a warm living room with a cozy fireplace, enhancing the home’s ambiance. This stove is versatile beyond warmth. It’s the room’s focal point, making everyone feel at home.

This house is proper and comfortable, with a winter heating system and a summer cooling wall unit. These features meet modern life’s needs.

This property has a one-car garage, perfect for quick car storage. The garage keeps your car safe and provides storage space.

The house’s exterior is excellent, with a yard for relaxation and fun. Residents have a perfect place to relax and enjoy California’s warm weather with a spa and pool.

But what sets this deal apart is its comparison to other values nearby. Given the dynamic San Jose real estate market, it’s crucial to understand how this property compares to others nearby. You can learn from recent home sales nearby.

San Jose Real Estate Snapshot

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In June 2023, a 1,531 sq ft house on Rucker Drive was bought for $2,175,000 ($1,421/sq ft). This house was next to it. Like our home, it has 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. This shows people’s desire to live here.

A 1,553 sq ft home on Los Gatos Almaden Road sold for $1,825,000 in Oct 2022 at $1,175 per sq ft. This was nearby. This large house with 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms showcases nearby housing variety.

In December 2022, a 1,065 sq ft home on Noella Way in San Jose sold for $1,550,000, averaging $1,455 per sq ft. This house has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, showcasing various options.

Ultimately, this Rucker Drive home is a deal and a reflection of the San Jose real estate market. People will always want to live in well-built dwellings in this lovely place. A great community has amenities, location, and way of life.

Our Reader’s Queries

Are home prices dropping in San Jose?

From 2015 to 2024, the typical home values in various metro areas have been projected. San Jose’s typical home values have been on a steady rise, with some fluctuations during the pandemic. However, despite the increase, it is expected that the values will drop below $1.4 million by November 2024.

Is it a good time to buy a house San Jose?

Despite a dip in home values last year, San Jose and Santa Clara County are now seeing a steady increase in home prices. This trend is expected to continue, potentially leading to record-high list prices and median home values in San Jose. It’s clear that the real estate market in this area is thriving, and homeowners can expect to see a significant return on their investment in the coming years.

Is San Jose a buyers or sellers market?

San Jose, CA saw a slight decrease in median home prices in December 2023, with the average list price coming in at $1,098,888 compared to $1,149,000 in 2022. Despite this, the city remained a seller’s market, with more buyers than available homes.

Is San Jose a good place to invest in real estate?

Despite the mortgage rates being higher at 6.27 percent in 2023 compared to January 2022, the housing market is expected to remain stable due to the tight supply. San Jose real estate is expensive, and the median listing home price is significantly higher, which are other factors to consider. Overall, the market is expected to remain steady.

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