San Jose Real Estate Update: Explore recent property sales in San Jose including a classic home

San Jose Real Estate Update: New residents moved into a home on Gordon Avenue in San Jose. This house was built in ’52 and is 2,318 sq ft. On Aug 18, 2023, it sold for $1.48M ($673/sq ft). The house has three bedrooms and two bathrooms, making it ideal for living. It’s classic with a wood roof.

Inside, a fireplace adds warmth and charm. The property has HVAC systems for comfort all year. There’s a garage for parking and storage. The outdoor area has a spa and pool. It’s a nice place to relax.

Other nearby homes recently sold, including:

A 2,979 sq ft house in San Jose was bought in August 2023 for $1,740,000 ($584/sq ft). This house has four bedrooms and four bathrooms, perfect for a growing family.

In Feb 2023, a San Jose home on Valley View Ave sold for $1.6M, with 2,173 sq ft. Each sq ft costs $664.24. It’s a trendy place with three beds and two bathrooms.

In May 2023, a San Jose home on Greenside Drive sold for $2.2 million at $721/sq ft. This home has four bedrooms and two bathrooms, which is excellent for those wanting ample living space.