San Jose State University Shooting: Community Seeks Justice and Healing After Tragic Incident

San Jose State University Shooting: A terrible incident occurred at San Jose State University on July 8 evening. The town was shocked. Two were killed in a shooting on E. William and S. 10th streets.

A boy and a man were killed. It occurred before 9 p.m. The scene was dark, and the injured were rushed to the hospital in critical condition. Doctors attempted to aid the boy, but his injuries were too severe. People are upset and have questions after sad news.

After the tragedy, the San Jose Police Department promptly investigated and sought justice for those involved. Detectives pursued leads, collected evidence, and interviewed witnesses to find the truth.

Their efforts paid off when they found essential information to catch the killers—new information led to arrest warrants being issued for the suspects.

On August 25, police caught two suspects. It was an important step. Rodolfo Stagi, 19, from San Jose, was jailed, and his partner was sent to juvie.

Both suspects face charges of severe crimes, like murder and attempted murder, which could hold them accountable for their actions that night. As the court process continues, the community hopes for justice and comfort after a tragic accident. People ponder the young boy, urging kindness and improvement.

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