Selena Gomez Vow: No More Laughter at Her Expense

Selena Gomez Vow: Selena Gomez didn’t want to be laughed at again. She acted after cringing at Chris Brown‘s MTV VMA nomination. The star didn’t cheer for him, surprising him.

Chris Brown was praised for his work with Chloe Bailey on “How Does It Feel,” but remains controversial due to his admission of assaulting Rihanna in 2009.

Gomez vowed on Instagram, “I won’t be a joke again.” I’d rather sit than be pushed for being me. Love, Lots.”

It’s unclear if Gomez was referring to her feelings about Brown’s nod, but she replied with “Who cares lol” to an Instagram post about it.

Brown said on Instagram, “Let me mind my own business.”

Gomez and Rema, sitting next to her, were nominated in multiple categories and won the “Best Afrobeats” award for their song “Calm Down.”

The night wasn’t over for Gomez. Olivia Rodrigo’s onstage mishap during the “Vampire” performance gained social media attention. Still, she realized it was part of the show.

It highlights Gomez’s ongoing social media struggles and their impact on her mental health, a topic she has previously discussed publicly.