Tesla Model 3 Australia Update: New Features, Price Hike, and Market Impact in 2023

Tesla Model 3 Australia Update : Tesla’s Model 3, Australia’s second most popular electric car, is receiving a major update. The new Model 3 was released in Australia on Friday. It claims better features: a longer range, improved safety, and a new back seat touchscreen. With over 130,000 electric cars in Australia and 11,500 Model 3s sold in H1 2023, this upgrade comes during a booming EV market. The updated Model 3 should be available by January next year. Buyers pay more. The base model is now $61,900, $4,500 more than before, and the long-range version is $71,900, an extra $500.

Rumors about “Project Highland” have been circulating since March. In June, a prototype was spotted in California, fueling the rumors. Outside, there are improvements, like a new body shape that boosts range by over 20 km per charge. It also comes in new shades of red and gray, sold only in Australia and New Zealand, with new headlights, including fog lights. Inside, features like a streamlined steering wheel, ventilated front seats, and ambient lighting enhance the luxury ride. With soundproof glass, the room will be quieter.

Tesla Model 3 Australia Update

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The 8-inch tablet in the back seat is a great feature of the new Model 3. Backseat passengers can adjust car temperature for a personalized ride for the first time.

The upgraded Model 3 will feature a revised battery holding mechanism, a metal body frame, and alternative wheel configurations to enhance safety. The aim is to improve car safety and offer users more customization options.

The Electric Vehicle Council reports a 121% increase in electric car sales in Australia over the past year, more than double the previous year. Tesla remains Australia’s top electric car brand, with the Model 3 replaced by the Model Y, selling over 14,000 units in H1 2023. The Model Y was Australia’s fourth best-selling new car in July, per the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries.

The Model 3 aims to gain market share with improved features and speed. Despite higher upgrade costs, Tesla relies on added value to sustain sales in an increasingly receptive electric car market. Tesla aims to enhance its position in the electric car market by offering customers indispensable features they didn’t anticipate.

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