Toronto Football Squad Season Opener: 34 0 Shutout Victory

Toronto Football Squad Season Opener : Energy filled the air as the Toronto football squad started their season. The Red Knights started well by shutting out East Canton 34-0 at Clarke Hinkle Field on Friday.

Toronto head coach Josh Franke said, “Our goal was simple: set the stage and show that we were the best.” “We had some issues, but our start was good.”

Toronto showed their skill with big plays on offense, defense, and special teams. Franke: “We’re a talented, lucky crew. Like last season, we’ll capitalize on explosive plays.

Toronto ran 297 yards on the ground and 141 yards in the air for 438 yards. Three interceptions, one of which scored, demonstrated the Red Knights’ defense. They allowed 15 Hornet runs for 16 yards and prevented a punt. Toronto scored three goals from over 35 yards.

Franke detailed their concept, emphasizing successful plays and capitalizing on mistakes. “We did exactly what we planned tonight.”

East Canton had 136 yards of offense. Toronto’s first touchdown from 64 yards from their own 36 changed the game forever. Great game by Kam Baker. He scored after running 53 yards and catching 18 yards.

Even though they started well, the Red Knights lost a touchdown when the Hornets intercepted a ball in the end zone.

Toronto Football Squad Season Opener

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Toronto retained its strength. Next quarter, they added four touchdowns to their lead. One of the most important was Zane Kinsey’s 36-yard return of an Owen McCroskey throw. Mason Marchbank scored two touchdowns, including a 45-yard catch.

The Hornets lost after McCroskey, their starting QB, got hurt and couldn’t play.

Despite some exceptional performances, Toronto’s win was a collective effort. Again, Franke “It’s hard to identify individual greatness. Tonight, everyone won.”

Toronto will meet East Palestine at Reid Memorial Stadium on Friday. Toronto trounced East Palestine 42-7 last year. However, East Canton will play United at Foltz Stadium.

About the Game:

Toronto had 34 points, and East Canton none.

After Baker’s touchdown and a botched extra point, Toronto leads 6-0.

Q2: 36-yard Kinsey interception scores. Marchbank and Bouscher score touchdowns, and Marchbank scores again from 45 yards out.

No scores in Q3 and Q4.

Match stats:

Toronto had 25 carries and two touchdowns, while East Canton had 15.
Toronto had 10-19-141-2-1 passes, and East Canton 16-28-120-0-3.
East Canton had 16 catches for 120 yards, and Toronto had 10 for 141 yards and two scores.
Toronto had 18 first downs, and East Canton had 7.
East Canton loses rights at 46, Toronto at 35.
Both teams didn’t lose a ball, therefore 0-0.
Toronto preserved a clean sheet while East Canton punted 2–7.

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