Unveiling Iron Menace: Dorney Park’s Thrilling Dive Roller Coaster for 2024

Unveiling Iron Menace: Dorney Park recently revealed the Iron Menace, a new roller coaster that will be the first of its kind in the Northeast. It is set to open in 2024.

Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom in Allentown, Pennsylvania, is about to start an amazing project that will change how people enjoy amusement parks. The Iron Menace will be the first northeastern US dive coaster. The spring 2024 opening will be thrilling.

The 160-foot Iron Menace roller coaster offers a breathtaking vista. At the top, daredevils may look down and embrace their inner thrill-seeker for three seconds.

Iron Menace then sends riders into a 95-degree plunge against gravity. Due to excitement and energy, your heart races. The following leg of the tour is a fun labyrinth with plenty of turns. Up to 64 mph, you’ll fly through it!

Iron Menace is more than an action film. It also has a fascinating Lehigh Valley steel industry heritage. The roller coaster’s motif is a sinister steel ruler. The ancient wreckage of Bethlehem inspired the subject.

Dorney Park’s clever Public Relations Manager, Ryan Eldredge, discusses design philosophy. He explains, “We got a bunch of ideas from the old Bethlehem buildings that are all broken down.” It will look and feel like a steel mill. The ride seems like a vehicle speeding through a steel mill with plenty of ups, downs, and turns.

Dorney Park is building the dangerous Iron Menace rollercoaster. They are working hard to finish this thrilling ride before the park opens for the next season.

Unveiling Iron Menace Dorney Park's Thrilling Dive Roller Coaster for 2024 (2)
image of Iron Menace Dorney Park’s Thrilling Dive Roller

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The eighth roller coaster in a sequence of thrilling rides is the Iron Menace. Beautiful park. The first like it since Hydra debuted in 2005 and the largest roller coaster since Steel Force launched in 1997, this spectacular new attraction is historic.

Iron Menace is Dorney Park’s biggest investment. This shows how committed the park is to giving guests the most exhilarating and lasting experiences.

“People who ride Iron Menace will begin their exciting adventure in the remains of an old steel factory,” the park says. After that, they will climb 160 feet and lean over the steep first drop before entering the first of four wild twists and bends. Riders will love this roller coaster’s 2,200 feet of steel track and “hold and dive” feature. The 95-degree, 152-foot plunge will have them clutching their breath. The Iron Menace roller coaster’s curved loop will make it cool. It’ll travel 64 mph! After the first significant drop, the train pulls up and reverses Immelmann, flipping 180 degrees. Dorney Park’s zero-g-roll gives you a spectacular 360-degree flip that makes you feel like you’re floating. If that’s not enough, a slanted loop and a 360-degree corkscrew spin will make you wonder which way is up.

The Iron Menace will thrill you at Dorney Park! This exhilarating ride will take you on an unforgettable adventure full of twists and turns. Adventurers may anticipate daring dives, twists, and moves that will change amusement park attractions. Iron Menace, an outstanding and sophisticated roller coaster, will debut in 2024

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