Yosemite Crash Survivor: Advocates for Safer Roads Tragic Collision Prompts Safety Concerns

Yosemite Crash Survivor: Quang Tran’s life changed dramatically after a car accident on the way back from Yosemite National Park. He claims the tragedy occurred due to poor road markings.

On Aug 11, Tran’s car’s camera caught a head-on crash on Hwy 4 near Copperopolis. At over 60 mph, the hit gave Tran a haunting feeling of impending doom.

After the crash, the dashcam lens is shaky, showing a confused Tran covered in airbag dust. He rushes to protect his injured wife and mother, who require hospitalization. A month later, Tran’s father is improving, and his girls only have minor injuries.

Sadly, the occupants of the other car didn’t survive the crash.

After the accident, Tran revisited the scene and inspected the road diligently. Based on his findings, he believed the other car had driven correctly over dashed lines that should have been solid.

The accident occurred due to the challenging terrain and unclear road markings. Tran believes other cars would have fared equally poorly in the same situation.

Tran requests a safety audit from CalTrans for the Yosemite to Bay Area route. His lousy experience fuels the common fear of head-on collisions.

The California Highway Patrol is awaiting the toxicology report on the driver, but they don’t suspect a DUI. The Trans have launched a GoFundMe to cover increasing medical expenses.

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