ZEROBASEONE Meteoric Rise in K-Pop: Over 1 Million EP Sales and What’s Next

ZEROBASEONE Meteoric Rise in K-Pop: The K-pop group ZEROBASEONE (ZB1) sold over a million copies of their debut EP in just two months. Over a million people pre-ordered their first EP. The K-pop group is managed by WAKEONE. They’re the 5th gen of their kind. They have 9 people in the group, and their next EP will release in November.

Kim Jiwoong, Zhang Hao, Sung Hanbin, Seok Matthew, Kim Taerae, Ricky, Kim Gyuvin, Park Gunwook, and Han Yujin are in the group. They began making songs on July 10. They released an EP titled “YOUTH IN THE SHADE,” with their hit song “In Bloom.” People first saw the group on the TV show “Boys Planet.” They were great, and people worldwide voted for them a lot.

Ricky said our song goes, “We’re going straight to the top, we’re the new kidz on the block.” These words discuss improvement and enthusiasm. The leader, Hanbin, says their music explores “youth,” making it relatable to many. Hanbin said, “We wanted to express our feelings about youth in our songs.”

ZB1 became popular fast and played at big shows like KCON in LA. Yujin also enjoyed the experience. They’d never heard such loud cheers before. The members credit their quick success to their loyal fans, ZE_ROSE. Thanks to ZE_ROSE, we’re here. Zhang Hao said we should always be near ZE_ROSE.

ZEROBASEONE Meteoric Rise in K-Pop Over 1 Million EP Sales and What's Next

The group members are very pleased with their progress and feel like a family. They all want the same things in life. “Currently, we’re beginners, but we grasp the main idea,” Ricky said. Their experience on “Boys Planet” helped kickstart their music careers. These young stars don’t just care about their appearance. Heroes aren’t just about singing and dancing. Gunwook wants to be friends with ZE_ROSE to learn and grow closer.

As ZEROBASEONE prepares for their EP release in November, they reflect on their journey. Jiwoong said artists consider good traits. When making our first record, we considered youth and blended it with our identity. The group wants to continue because they are skilled and have a strong fan base.

ZEROBASEONE is excited to express their gratitude for the love and support they’ve received. “I want people to feel hopeful and comforted when they experience our music or performances,” said Taerae. The K-pop group ZEROBASEONE is gaining popularity. They have many fans and a new EP coming soon. Be cautious of them!

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Our Reader’s Queries

Is Zerobaseone popular in Korea?

ZEROBASEONE has been featured on the covers of top South Korean magazines, appeared on television, and traveled the world, all while gearing up for their upcoming event, Melting Point. Their impressive achievements have garnered widespread recognition and admiration.

Which K-pop group was created by ai?

Eternity, a cutting-edge South Korean act, is revolutionizing the world of entertainment with its use of AI technology. By blurring the lines between reality and virtuality, Eternity is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the industry. With their innovative approach, they are quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with.

In which country K-pop is most popular?

Out of all the countries, Japan has the most Total On-Demand streams with a whopping 9.7 billion, closely followed by the United States with 9.2 billion. Vietnam and Hong Kong have shown remarkable growth in K-Pop Total On Demand streams since last year, with Vietnam experiencing a remarkable increase of +59% and Hong Kong at +60%.

How popular is K-pop in america 2023?

The popularity of K-pop in America is soaring high. As per Luminate’s mid-year report, K-pop albums have dominated the top 10 bestselling CDs in the U.S. in 2023, with nine out of ten albums being from this genre. The likes of BTS, Blackpink, NewJeans, Fifty Fifty, Stray Kids, and Tomorrow X Together have emerged as the biggest and bestselling artists in the country.

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